Stats on transgender discrimination, violence and suicide and other research findings

Injustice at Every Turn. A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey

[The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality teamed up to do this comprehensive study of discrimination against trans people.]


Hundreds of dramatic findings on the impact of anti-transgender bias are presented in this report. In many cases, a series of bias-related events lead to insurmountable challenges and devastating outcomes for study participants. Several meta-findings are worth noting from the outset:

• Discrimination was pervasive throughout the entire sample, yet the combination of anti-transgender bias and persistent, structural racism was especially devastating. People of color in general fare worse than white participants across the board, with African American transgender respondents faring far worse than all others in most areas examined.

• Respondents lived in extreme poverty. Our sample was nearly four times more likely to have a household income of less than $10,000/year compared to the general population.i

• A staggering 41% of respondents reported attempting suicide compared to 1.6% of the general population, with rates rising for those who lost a job due to bias (55%), were harassed/bullied in school (51%), had low household income, or were the victim of physical assault (61%) or sexual assault (64%).


Read more about the study and comments about it:

The full study is here:


UPDATED: Jan. 28, 2014 — A new study reveals more findings:

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Researchers conducting further analysis into the 2011 National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS) revealed pretty much what we already suspected — trans people who experience violence and family rejection are at higher risk for suicide attempts.

The following are some of the findings from the new American Foundation for Suicide Prevention — UCLA Law School’s Williams Institute study:

78 percent of survey respondents who suffered physical or sexual violence at school (attempted suicide).

65 percent of respondents who experienced violence at work.

Over half of those who experienced harassment or bullying in schools.

57 percent of those who reported that their family chose not to speak/spend time with them.

69 percent of those who had ever experienced homelessness.

60 percent of those who reported a doctor or healthcare provider refused to treat them.

51 percent of those who are HIV-positive. 

55-65 percent of those with disabilities.

57-61 percent of those disrespected or harassed by law enforcement officers.


The new study is titled: Suicide Attempts among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Adults. Ann P. Haas, Philip L. Rodger, and Jody L. Herman lead the study.

The initial 2011 survey findings were published in Injustice at Every Turn. A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey. The findings in that report marked a turning point in the lives of trans people — raw data, rather than speculation, could be used to argue for  legislative and administrative changes needed to reverse dire conditions for trans people. The new study significantly improves the outlook for trans people.

Suicide Attempts among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Adults:  

National Transgender Discrimination Survey:

Link to Stats on transgender discrimination, violence and suicide page:


UPDATE: July 28, 2014. Another study:

This latest one was done by the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) and The Fenway Institute. Over 450 Massachusetts trans residents were evaluated about the needs of public accommodations and health during the past year.

A short summary of their findings:

Overall, 65% of respondents reported discrimination in one or more public accommodation settings in the past 12 months.

The five most prevalent public accommodations discrimination settings were: transportation, retail, dining, public gathering location, and health care.

Those who reported public accommodations discrimination in the past 12 months had an 84% increased risk of adverse physical symptoms in the past 30 days and 99% increased risk of emotional symptoms.

One in five respondents postponed or did not try to get health care in the past year because of prior experiences of mistreatment in health care settings.

Twenty-eight percent of respondents said they had not seen a doctor in the past year, while 29% reported having to teach their health care provider about transgender health issues.


See the entire study here:


UPDATE May 18, 2015: Transgender Europe reports 1,731 transgender murders in 7 years:


UPDATE Aug. 5, 2015:

LA’s Children’s Hospital Center for Transyouth Health findings on trans suicide: A little more than 50% of the people in their study considered suicide with 30% making an attempt.


UPDATE Dec. 16, 2015:  Trans Mental Health Study 2012 (Scotland)


UPDATE March 23, 2016: Study shows Bathroom Bills impacts trans suicide rate severely.

Transgender Adults’ Access to College Bathrooms and Housing and the Relationship to Suicidality:


“. . . Findings indicate relationships between denial of access to bathrooms and gender-appropriate campus housing and increased risk for suicidality, even after controlling for interpersonal  victimization in college. These results suggest that the set-up of a college campus connects to the well-being of trans* students, whether or not the campus has intended to actively deny this population access to campus spaces. . . .”


UPDATE: Dec. 18, 2015 — NCTE releases 2015 Transgender Survey:


In the year prior to completing the survey:
46% of respondents were verbally harassed.
30% who had a job reported being fired, denied a promotion, or experiencing some other form of mistreatment.

Mental health:
39% of respondents experienced serious psychological distress in the month prior to completing the survey.
40% attempted suicide in their lifetime.

29% of all respondents were living in poverty.
38% poverty level for Black, 43% for Latino, 40% for multiracial.
30% experienced homelessness at some point in their lifetime.
16% reported home ownership, compared to 63% of the U.S. population.
20% participated in the underground economy for income at some point in their lives, including 12% who conducted sex work for income.

Disabled trans people:
24% unemployed.
45% living in poverty.
59% serious psychological distress.
54% attempted suicide in their lifetime.
42% mistreatment by health care providers.

K-12 education:
54% of those who were out or perceived as transgender were verbally harassed.
24% physically attacked.
13% sexually assaulted.
17% faced such severe mistreatment that they left a K–12 school.

Police interaction:
57% of respondents said they would feel uncomfortable asking the police for help.
33% of Black transgender women said during the past year, an officer assumed they were sex workers.
86% of sex workers reported being harassed, attacked, sexually assaulted, or mistreated in some other way by police.

2015 Survey Summary:



Watch LEXIE CANNES right now: Or get the DVD:   

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