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Listen to The BEAT — The Alternative Rock Revolution Headquarters! On the air for 15 years!

CLASSIC ALTERNATIVE ROCK featuring the ’90s alternative/grunge rock icons, “before the alternative rock revolution” pioneers and alternative/modern rock artists of today. You’ll hear great tracks you’ve missed the first time around, others that you’ve loved, and new tracks from recent years from artists continuing in the great alternative rock tradition. We’re a Live365 [EDITOR’S PICK] for 2008 and 2009! BEST LIVE365 ALTERNATIVE ROCK STATION in 2004 & 2005!

Our artists: NIRVANA soundgarden ALICE IN CHAINS pearl jam SMASHING PUMPKINS hole GARBAGE jane’s addiction STONE TEMPLE PILOTS green day NINE INCH NAILS depeche mode JOY DIVISION the cure L7 rem U2 sleater-kinney ELASTICA the pixies PAUL OAKENFOLD foo fighters NEW ORDER the breeders BIKINI KILL babes in toyland SONIC YOUTH and many more . . .

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*** Note: Due to license royalty increases, Live365  ceased operations on January 31, 2016. With much regret, The Crystal Ballroom has ceased broadcasting. The new royalies rates are astronomical and we’re looking for a suitable platform where we can bring this station. We will keep you up-to-date on this page. My thanks to ALL our loyal listeners over the years!***

zzzstationlogo230The Crystal Ballroom [Editor’s Pick] Quiet Brilliance! Over a decade of broadcasting.

Quiet Brilliance! An intelligent and soothing collection of piano, keyboard, and progressive electronic music.

Our exquisite editing and audio processing give the already-holographic music considerably more depth — a must for the discriminating Ambient or New Age fan.

We’ve been broadcasting well over a decade on Live365. Thanks for listening and helping us build a GREAT radio station.

Last day of broadcast, Jan 31, 2016:



10 replies

  1. Bill McGee writing.
    I saw this review browsing around the internet this morning from Nevada, where my wife and I live now.
    “Best Original Score (Bill McGee) – WINNER” (Lexie Cannes)
    Those days bring back memories in film music scoring for me.
    Drop me an email sometime. I am now settled just outside of Las Vegas,NV.

    • Hey Bill, just saw this. Live365 is no more. I hope to bring the Crystal Ballroom back in some form in the near future — the station had a loyal following. But there is no way I can carry two stations with the CRB rate increases. 😦

  2. Hi my name is David. In light of the news that Live 365 has shut down all streaming services, I would like to introduce you to Cirrus Streaming. We include an interactive, innovative desktop player that has over 40 features to keep your listeners engaged creating strong listener loyalty, as well as provide you the tools to tie-in existing sponsors and create new advertising opportunities. We have partnered with the largest ad agency in the world and if you choose to be part of our network, we will share all ad revenue generated with your station 50/50. We also include free mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. You can customize the player/apps to your liking, giving you the opportunity to further brand your station setting you apart from your competitors. Let me know where I can send you more information so you can see what is making us the fastest growing streaming provider in the world. Contact me via e-mail or reach me directly at 954-481-9402 ext 205. Looking forward to your response.

    • Thanks for the comments, David.

      I urge broadcasters to do research before selecting a streaming provider, for one thing, you’ll have to get licensing elsewhere.

      At this point only one “streaming provider” pays licensing and it’s free, but there are several HUGE downsides making it not worth the time for the majority of broadcasters. (That provider starts with an “R” and is based in Belgium. 😉 )

      Before deciding on a streaming provider, I’d check with and see what they require and work from there — not the other way around. They have a “preferred provider” list — sites that are known to be broadcast licensing-friendly!

      Good luck everyone.

  3. Hi Lexie,

    Stream Licensing takes care of all the licensing for the majority of our internet only stations. If you ever need any additional information regarding our custom platform be sure to reach me directly.

    Hope to hear from you!

  4. Thank you for keeping The Beat alive! I’ve been listening for years. Any chance you can list it on TuneIn now that you’re outside of Live365?

  5. That’s an another step that requires further coordination with tunein which is odd since other directories automatically (for instance Internet-Radio) does it first time around. Stay tuned and we’ll see how it goes! 🙂

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