Lexie talks about the transgender military ban and Election Day 2020

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Lexie aka Courtney O’Donnell talks about the Trump transgender military ban and Election Day 2020.


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  1. I agree Lexie ! No in-fighting — I favor Bernie or Kamala ahead of the others — but if it is Beto or Biden in the end in the primary, let’s defeat transphobic Trump at all costs !!! Jennifer xx

  2. I agree. Doesn’t matter which Democrat wins. Hopefully, we’ll be able to take back the Senate too. but that may be a long shot.

    “Keep your powder dry” is what they used to tell Revolutionary and Union troops. Translation: don’t do what we did last time and break into a bunch of squabbling little factions, endlessly debating the fine points of each candidate. Let ’em talk, let ’em tell us what they plan to do and then vote for the best candidate in the primary. But by all that is holy, DON’T sulk in your cave and refuse to vote in the general election if your fave doesn’t make the cut. Chances are pretty good that even if your guy or gal doesn’t clear the hurdle, he or she will be offered a Cabinet position or head of a vital agency. Our field is wide and deep, folks, wider and deeper than it’s ever been before. Each and every candidate who has declared thus far is smart, talented, and grimly opposed to Trump. If we stay focused and stay together, we CAN win and we CAN repair the damage that son of a syphilitic yellow dog has done to this country.

    Or, as Ben Franklin so succinctly put it: “We must all hang together or we will certainly hang separately.”

  3. Michelle said:we can win,,” May I suggest we MUST win. We are in a more dangerous place than ever. The Casa Blanca ignores subpoenas and ignores requests for document production. GOP appointed judges will make court action doubtful, yesterday, a 3 judge panel f GOP appointees just threw cold water on the opening salvos in the Emoluments suit. WE are in a desperate place. Yahoo. says, that trumps people are allying to alt Right Christian bible thumpers, under the banner of trump; will save us from the “End Times” TAKE A LOOK AROUND. IGNORANCE ABOUNDS AND RUMP AND HIS FEINDS REVEL IN THE ACTIVE DISMANTLING OF EDUCATION. (doncha know we’re easier to control and lie to)

    Unity is called for, how we get there is another question needing an answer.

  4. Agreed Harriet, Michelle, and Lexie ! Did you notice that 44 of 45 Democratic Senators are now on board with the Equality Act. So we need a few more Senators to Democrats in 2020, keep the House as Democrats, and elect a Democratic President in 2020. Then trans rights will be legal in all of the United States under the Federal Equality Act — and gay and lesbians and etc. too for that matter !!! — WE SHALL OVERCOME ! We will not be erased ! Resist ! Pass the Equality Act ! Jennifer xx

  5. Unfortunately I see another trump victory in 2020.

    Why? Because of a lesson the left still hasn’t learned.

    The gop neocon reich supports their candidate regardless, no matter how disgusting they are, because they know their party platform and supreme court seats are important.

    Meanwhile the left is still performing this completely idiotic search for the “perfect candidate”

    If losing the supreme court for a generation wasn’t enough to make the left band together in 2016, I doubt 2020 will be any different.

    Since 2016, from the left, I’ve heard waah, the dnc was mean to bernie (no they weren’t), I’ve heard joe biden is too old, I’ve heard joe kennedy is too close to big pharma, hillary is a centrist-corporatist (whatever the he## that is), harris went after backpage, etc, etc.

    Meanwhile the gop reich is supporting their disgusting fascist candidate near 100%.

    Will the left finally learn their lesson in 2020? I guess we’ll find out. Personally I doubt it.

    Until I am dead and buried or until the two parties pull another “southern strategy type event”, I have been and will continue to vote for whoever the democratic primary winner is, even if I don’t agree 100% with the person’s ideas.

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