TEAM LEXIE: It’s going to be a much more upbeat new year, so let’s ROCK ON!

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — 2019 is here and we might have just grabbed the bull by the horns. Most certainly, the Democrats have the president in a headlock. With a number of investigations into Trump’s administration most certainly to begin in the next few weeks, the president will learn that his future actions will have consequences — accountability — something that the outgoing majority party in the House didn’t care to do. And whatever Mueller comes up with is a bonus!

The other biggie: Candidates for running for the 2020 Democrat presidential ticket will start throwing their hats into the ring in a mere few weeks! I want everybody and anyone that wants to run in 2020 to step up and be heard and we’ll make our selection during the primaries by the virtues of our votes — not by disparaging shouts on social media. Then in November 2020, we all vote blue to finally rid ourselves of the Trump era.

Things are looking a bit upbeat for a change, something we haven’t seen in nearly 2 years. Hence my call to ROCK ON!




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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about things are looking up for the community! I saw that Elizabeth Warren is forming a Presidential exploritory committee, so the names are coming forth already! I can’t wait to vote Trump out of office!

  2. Lexie, much of the criminal mafia Trump Organization is likely to finally be criminally indicted and criminally convicted as the convicted felons that they are in 2019 — a great start to bringing Trump’s convicted felons to justice in 2018. Now we are in power in the House as of January 3…you ain’t seen nuthin`yet…..Jennifer xx

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