TEAM LEXIE — Don’t believe everything you hear or read!

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Just because it’s on a sign or meme doesn’t make it true. When an opponent starts using medical terminology to shut us down, it’s a sign of desperation — they now have to flat out lie to sway the masses. A tactic that will be their own undoing.



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  1. yeesh. the “only two genders” debate wearing on you too? Notice where they’re doing it and who are the most vocal.. The loudest appear to be British cisgender gays stirring up the parents who don’t want their kids growing up queer.

    trans feminine men and trans masculine women have always existed and people modified their genitals in ancient times. In some cultures, transgender people are held in high esteem, elevated in status to shamans and priests and in some they were stigmatized and murdered. In America, we’re almost to a point where we are accepted as we are and allowed to just be regular folks who don’t conform to “cis-het” standards.

    Here’s a pretty concise and cogent explanation of why determining gender based on genitals is scientifically wrong.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I usually bring up intersex babies and ask them to pick either male or female to put on the birth certificate.

  3. Evilgelical bull shit formulated to allow their prejudice against us. And now it’s Republican backed crap.

  4. Hermahodite intersex they all existed for ages that’s why god made variety jeez even the angels are portrayed as female its societies social hangup about what you wear and what gender you should be xxx

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