Thinking of sharing a news article on Facebook/social media? First, VERIFY, Verify and verify. Please!

155LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Friends, friends, no names please, but I’ve noticed a disturbing rise of FRIENDS sharing supposedly “positive” news from dubious websites on Facebook that were not quite factual at best and outrageous lies at worst.

Indeed, in this last week alone, I’ve must have posted “not true” or “fake news” a dozen times on news articles appearing in my feed — usually after going to confirm these claims myself (google or snopes) — a now-tiring thing to do. I personally vet every single thing I share for good reason. I would not want to misinform anyone! Any SHARED misinformation stops with me when it appears in my feed. It’s a good habit for all of us to get into — especially since we KNOW fake news is out there being created by factories!

Even if the “positive” news you wish to share are somewhat correct, slanted news in our favor does no good if our opponents have a few bits of not-so-positive information that was withheld from us and these opponents use them against us!

Here’s a helpful hint: If source states something that is not also found in the major (and relatively neutral) news sites such has the NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters, The Guardian, PBS, NPR then PROCEED WITH CAUTION! The info may indeed be factually correct OR it may be an EGG on the face for you! Verify, verify, verify or don’t share!

Simple Guidelines:

1) The first thing after reading a headline it to look at the SOURCE! Examples: is reputable. is not. is real. is fake

2) Second look at the date: Especially the YEAR. More than 2 weeks old, don’t share!

3) If the headline seems a bit suspicious, for example: “Michelle Obama to run for open Illinois seat,” go to Google -> News -> enter “michelle obama” “Illinois” -> search. Don’t see a link to the Chicago Tribune? Consider it FAKE!

4) You may be sharing something from a Russian troll farm. How do you think that’ll make you feel when you find out after the fact?

If you want to share anyway, make note that you haven’t vetted it when you share. This way you’ll probably not get unfollowed.

In one day, I debunked supposed positive news for us from these websites:

bluedotdaily (slanted coverage)
babylonbee (religious slant)
dailycaller (deep red reporting)
newyorkpost (exaggerated claims)
yournewswire (total bullshit)


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10 replies

  1. Thank you Lexie, I saved the steps you suggested and will start using them – Mistea Jean

  2. I think this is an important topic but I don’t completely agree with your “don’t share anything over two weeks old” rule. If we need to post a disclaimer fine, but relegating everything to forgotten history is dangerous and sometimes something that either big or missed in the past can take on new significance.
    Rachel Maddow is a good example of this. Most broadcast “news” is in minute or shorter blasts, by looking back and connecting a series of news stories, like any investigation, you can create a timeline of events.

    • Sure, if you know the date of the article and you’ve a point to make about it, that’s not a problem. But some tend to share as if new (to them), for others, the news is outdated. Repetition often gives the illusion of a problem bigger (or lessor) than it really is. Thanks for the comments.

  3. i read it sweety thanks for all your help

  4. Fake usually has few facts that are not related to conclusion a lot of the time both conservative and liberal

  5. Thank you. I started confirming info before I share it.

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! 🙂

  7. Fake news and articles to mislead the people are just way too rampant. I’m completely annoyed with how people are actually believe and just ignore checking facts or looking beyond the title of the article. I remember reading something about escorts in London that guarantee love and affection as a part of their service, but at the end of the day, love and affection can’t really be something you can buy from another. Right?

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