(Book Review) Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot by Richie Lengel

429 RICHIE LENGELLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — In short, the author, Richie Lengel, is a sexist pig! Zero stars. Sadly, this altitude is not rare in aviation, hence I give endless mad props and upmost respect to our transgender professional pilots — you’re all among my greatest heroes.

I first picked up this book during my second attempt to get into aviation a few years ago because it was highly regarded and supposedly one of the top-selling aviation books. And I bought thing — not given a review copy. And at $60 a pop, plus shipping.

I was taken aback with all the sexist comments and images and thought this was a rare jerk in the biz. Little did I know that it was a ominous sign of things to come. I was later to discover for every great human being in aviation, there was a Richie Lengel lurking about — a person who, among other non-PC things, consider women objects of ridicule.

Rant: There’s a reason less than 10% of pilots are women. (Even less for people of color.) I found myself struggling sometimes to have reason to study all things aviation after more than a few interesting confrontations with the Richie Lengels of the aviation world. But I seeked out like-minded aviators and aimed to make dent in the good old boy’s club (GOBC). (I am now a FAA certified Advanced Ground Instructor – AGI).

In short, some whine about the declining number of pilots, but at the same time refuse to face the possibility that they are the reason for their own demise. We need to be welcoming to everybody. NOT drive people away with sexist attitudes and GOBC resistance! Rant over.

OK, now the book. I’ll let Richie Lengel speak for himself:

On page 105 of the book, there is a close up photo of a woman’s breasts covered slightly with a tiny laced bra. Next to the photo is this statement: “Don’t forget to check out those double Ds in your flashlight!”

On page 166, the entire page is devoted to a drawing of a business jet of which one of the pilots is apparently leering at a group bikini clad women in one corner of the page. The other pilot is saying “What the hell are you lookin’ at Ivann?”

On page 183, there’s a photo of a female student pilot in the seat of a cockpit as a male instructor climbs aboard. The caption says “Every flight instructor’s fantasy.”

On page 197, there’s a drawing of a woman from behind wearing a thong bathing suit.

On page 214, there’s a drawing of a woman in a bikini running away from a man who is apparently in pursuit of her.

A few quotes:

“An airplane will kill you quick, a woman takes her time.”

(Female talking during radio work:) “Come see me soon Big Boy –I’m hotter than a billy goat in a pumpkin patch, if you catch my drift– hugs & kisses.”

There’s plenty more, but there’s enough evidence here to sink the Titanic a second time.

Zero stars. Thumbs way down.

BTW: There is a “warning” near the beginning of the book which the author warns of, among other things, “some might consider sexist humor” that were included for “comic relief and as a teaching tool.” Comic relief? Teaching tool? No, you’re just admitting that you’re a sexist pig Mr. Lengel IMO. Good day.

This review is in reference to the 10th edition – 2014. LCC 2003108332, ISBN: 0-9742613-0-0. $59.95. According to the publisher’s website, Private Pilot, APOA Pilot and Plane & Pilot magazines have said positive things about this book. Flying magazine is offering downloadable mini-books on various topics by this author. The website also states that Aviation for Women gave it a positive review although I was not able to find the review or the reviewer, Kimberly J. Osborn, on the Aviation for Women website.

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7 replies

  1. That’s absolutely disgusting! And the disclaimer admitting they know it’s sexist makes it even worse! LIke, “oh we know this is horrible and wrong and we’re going to print it anyway!” Ok, whatever.
    I’m sorry you wasted your money, but hopefully word will get out and people will stop buying it.
    Congratulations on your accomplishments in Aviation. It always encourages me to see women succeeding in fields where men think they own it all.

  2. As an FAA certified aircraft dispatcher and a trans woman I too found his book to be so wrong in his presentation. As an instructor for new aircraft dispatchers I find that based on knowledge most alpha type a males will back down quickly.

  3. Hey, it’s cool to know there are trans aircraft dispatcher instructors! Good luck to you!

  4. With all due respect first of all but I would like to know your opinion of the book in terms of educational content omitting any sexist comments I want to know how good the book is to learn from it

  5. I am Muslim and writer insulted the religion just to make it look funnier or whatever is the reason.

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