[VIDEO] Lexie talks about “passing.” [ASL & subtitles]

447 lexie cannes state of transLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — In this short video in ASL (American Sign Language) and English subtitles, Lexie (Courtney O’Donnell) addresses the concern of some trans people who were given the misguided notion from others that trans people must “pass” and meet other criteria to be a “real” trans person.

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Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjdbAK9YBsU


Hello, my name is Lexie. It comes from my role in the movie “Lexie Cannes.” My real name is Courtney O’Donnell.

I want to talk about “passing.” A trans person “passes” when they are not recognized as being transgender.

I’ve been asked about those who insist that trans people MUST “pass” to be a “real” trans person.

Not true. Passing is NOT required to be transgender. Your gender ID or expression is who you are.

Don’t listen to those who say criteria must be met. They are wrong. Walk away or block people who oppress you this way. Rid yourself of those telling you how to be trans from your life.

Remember, it’s your life, your decision.

Stay alive, thanks for watching and ROCK ON! Love to all of you!

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7 replies

  1. while passing is an important survival tool, it’s more important to be authentic.
    Ive given up on trying to appear femme, I am me. Don’t like it tough shit.

  2. Please don’t tell us how you really feel

  3. Let me triple-underline what Lexie says here. I am a highly-feminine bikini Barbie trans female Webcam model even though I am more than 50 years old — few people in real-life can detect that I am trans unless I tell them — I usually wear short denim-miniskirts and strappy blouses every day because I live in a warm climate — I worked as recently as 2015 as a legal in-person sex worker — people who i’ve known for multiple years locally where I am were super surprised to learn I am trans in a recent newspaper article about me — they have known me only as Jennifer, female, sexy beautiful older lady. So my physical transition has been outstanding.

    But, that said, it is a total crock for anyone to falsely claim that one “has to pass” to be genuine trans. I well-remember being brutally bullied — both online and in real life face-to-face — by both non-trans people as well as other trans people early in my transition for “not being trans enough” because at that time my appearance was not a stunningly Barbie feminine.

    Fellow trans ladies can be just as vicious at bullying us as non-trans bigots, believe me — which is rather sad and too bad.

    In any case, passing is great — these days I just live a a beautiful woman and Model all the time — but what devastating bullying from both trans people and non-trans bigots for not passing “well-enough” early in my physical transition. This made me suicidal at that time — and this is totally evil bullying whether it comes from non-trans bigots or trans-on-trans bullying. Jennifer, female model and trans female model. xx


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