I’m for Joe Biden in 2020. You should be too.

479 JOE BIDENLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — No, it’s not too early, and no, Biden’s not too old. It’s because we have a president so intent on destroying our country’s institutions, our civil rights and our pride in being Americans, all potential Democratic candidates for president ought to declare early. And most importantly, following the Democratic convention, we unite behind the nominee, no matter who she or he is, and that’s a promise I’ll make right now.

Democrats are fortunate all of the names of potential candidates floating to the surface from time to time since election day 2016, have the makings of a great president. Indeed, a few of them may actually be sitting in the Oval Office down the road a ways.

But 2020 will be no ordinary election. The new president will face an overwhelming job of repairing the devastating destruction foisted on us by the current president. The new president will be called to repair our institutions, reverse the rollback of civil rights, repair relations with our friends overseas, restrengthen our federal agencies, the justice department, the EPA, the list goes on and on. There’s also the matter of race relations – a huge problem in itself without anything else on the presidential plate.

There is only one candidate with enough first-hand working knowledge of the Oval Office, the institution of congress, foreign relations statesmanship, and touch with the common Americans to reverse the current president’s (or if the current vice president steps up) state of chaos in the shortest amount of time. That would be Joe Biden.

You say he’s too old? Look at the current president. Polar opposites in fitness and health. And the trans question — we already know he’s on our side and will go to bat for us. Yes, the selection of the vice presidential nominee will be important here. But remember, Joe Biden’s only job will be the most expedient turnaround from the current state of chaos. After he does that, he can hang on to his laurels and hand the baton over to someone else. No one else is even remotely experienced enough to quickly bring about restoration of our democracy that we’ll be demanding following election day 2020.

Lets give all candidates a fair opportunity to make their case, but remember, the bar is critically high in 2020. Let’s make sure whoever is nominated is qualified for the task.

Joe Biden is currently testing the waters for 2020. Tell him you want him to run.


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4 replies

  1. Joe Biden is the exact same faux progressive and neolib (i.e., DINO) proponent of the same old problems
    as Clinton and Obama, and is not what we need after der Furor Drumpf- we need Sanders or another
    TRUE progressive who will bring single payer and free/low-cost college

    i wouldn’t vote for Biden or Clinton, et al, w/all the bribes in the Clinton Foundation
    frankly, i am quite disappointed that you are touting him; he’s symptomatic of the cause, not the solution

  2. We will have to disagree on that. This is why we have the primaries — to find the candidate that appeals to the majority of Democratic voters. If your candidate is the nominee, I’ll voter for her/him on Nov. 2020, I just ask that you do the same for me.

    • sorry to burst any bubbles, but the Democratic nomination (and ALL primary elections) was STOLEN from Bernie Sanders
      by the DNC, DWS, HRC, et al…
      the myth that the primaries OR the election(s) are fair and transparent is a huge lie…
      if the Dems continue to corrupt the process and “nominate” DINO neolibs, then include me OUT
      -i live in Thailand, so really, not my circus, not my monkeys…

      • Was Bernie a Democrat? Did he get in the campaign late? How is the DNC to raise money for Democrats up and down the ballot if an “independent” is on the ballot? Now I like Bernie, but in 2016 he lost. If you don’t like the way the DNC does business, you’re welcome to to join locally and promote changes from within. It’s not a myth, the DNC is run by people like you and me partipicicating at the local level. If you are not doing that, then you’ve no position to whine. Since you are not even in the USA to partipicate, then I’m wondering why you even bothered to comment except to vent your frustration at the wrong people.

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