GOP governor on NC-style Bathroom Bill: “Why? Why would we? Why would anybody need it? Is it an issue?

gov-matt-bevinsLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Kentucky’s Republican governor Matt Bevins continued his comments on the Bathroom Bill matter in a news conference last week:

“Is there anyone you know in Kentucky who has trouble going to the bathroom? Seriously. Have you heard of one person in Kentucky having trouble taking care of business in Kentucky? . . .

. . . the last thing we need is more government rules. Making government rules for things that don’t even need government rules would be silly . . .”

Bevin made the statement even though a number of Republican state legislators ran for office heavily supporting a trans bathroom ban. Incoming Republican legislature leaders say the plan to look at in the next session.


Gov. Bevins has done a complete about-face since earlier this year when he joined nearly a dozen other states in a lawsuit to stop the federal government from issuing trans equality rulings for bathroom access.

Clearly Gov. Bevins learned from North Carolina’s Gov. Pat McCrory train-wrecked political career — a gamble that didn’t pay dividends even though Trump carried the state.

Our investment in seeing McCrory defeated is paying off one heck of a dividend elsewhere, even in age of Trump — a man who has actually said trans people ought to pee where they want. We’ll see.

t/h Jamie Roth

I wrote about NC Gov. McCrory’s train wreck:



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  1. What is needed is harsh punishment for actual perverts and molesters, not attacks on the transgender population.

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