Arrested cis woman fails vagina inspection, jailed with 40 men in common cell; files $ 5 million lawsuit

fiordaliza-pichardoLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Historically, doctors delivering babies could not always correctly determine the gender of newborns they delivered by just looking, resulting in tragic consequences for perhaps hundreds of thousands of people. Miami-Dade corrections officials, however felt they were up to the task playing “guess the gender” of their inmates using the same failed techniques.

Three years ago however, they guessed wrong, sending a cis woman to a men’s jail where she was held in a common cell with 40 men who reportedly sexually harassed her. The woman, Fiordaliza Pichardo, has now filed a $5 million federal lawsuit.

Pichardo, who has 3 children and is now a grandmother, was arrested at the airport in Miami on an old drug charge that her attorney says was dismissed. She was initially held in a female detention center, but after prison officials had a look-see at her vagina, they sent her off to the male’s jail citing “non-traditional male characteristics”.

Miami-Dade officials are not commenting.

What a cruel way to out an intersex person — to a prison cell full of men. Nobody has any business making pants inspections anyway — science says 2 gender check off boxes are not enough. If they went by presentation, Miami-Dade would have $5 million to spend on more important things — like climate change or chad-less voting systems.

There are least 7 (now, 8), reports of cis women being misgendered as male:

Fiordaliza Pichardo:


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  1. Shaking my head with disgust at Evangelicals and Republican politicians in the Miami-Dade County. I hope the courts give her 10 million.

  2. Perhaps a 25 million or even higher award would get the message out to HONOR a person when they self define their gender. This police behavior is unacceptable and must be stopped.

  3. I don’t understand, was she cis or intersex?

  4. Sad how transphobia is hurting women, not transgender women hurting them, but the people “concerned for their safety”

  5. i hate when people talk of Gods words, but goes against the word of God, and he`s watching

  6. It never fails to amaze me at the absolute moronic and cruelty of jailers.


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  2. Arrested cis woman fails vagina inspection, jailed with 40 men in common cell; files $ 5 million lawsuit - DeaFeed

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