Research: Pharmacists urged to play active role in care of transgender people

PHARMACISTS TRANSGENDERLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — I had an opportunity to look at a new transgender care article for pharmacists to be published this January in the medical journal The American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. It urges pharmacists to educate themselves on all things trans health and take an active role with our health care.

The article, “Pharmacists Caring For Transgender Persons,” is a not-too-difficult read and relatively short, but is quite comprehensive. From a layperson’s view, I feel the article is an excellent piece of work. In fact, I urge everyone to print it out and hand it to their pharmacists. (At this writing, the entire article is available to anyone at no charge via the link provided below).

Written by Jennifer Cocohoba of UCSF, the article appears to cover all the bases with regard to respect, gender ID, stats impacting trans people, and so on. It also urges a bit of looking out for the trans individual to ensure they don’t fall between cracks while seeking medical care.

Thumbs up to the authors for helping fill a hole in the pharmacists’ role in trans health care  — something the authors themselves noted that existed.

Pharmacists Caring For Transgender Persons:

The HRC has a LGBT guide for pharmacists:


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  1. I just remind people that I hold a original certificate of live birth that says female and that it is fully and legally recognized as female under all the state and federal laws including my social security number registered under the correct gender as well and that all legal rights falling to the right legally recognize as the email under all the state federal laws and putting my so security number registered under the greg andrews well and at all legal rights follow the right that all women have and if they violate any of those rights that I would push a 15 million dollar lawsuit and that it would stand up in court with no problem and inform them that I’m not trance I am female and under the women’s rights you violate any of them that’s state and federal offenses that usually shuts them up real quick where they respect you real quick for who you are especially since they don’t want to see the county sued

  2. Correction on story I just remind them that I hold a original certificate of live birth that dose say female on it and I am respecting my legaly born gender which is fully recanized under all state and federal laws for women includeing social security number that’s listed under the gender of female and to violate that can get them or there county sued at 15 million and inform them I’m not transgender, I am female. They assume I’m trans or gay or homosexual it could get them sued for useing any three of them for wrong assumption other then legal female and it shuts them right up. This even works in bathroom issues when they try to force a legal female into a male bathroom

  3. A pharmacists role is really about dispensing medicine to help patients get better through education about the medicine and ensuring there are no contradicting medicines that would hurt the patents. Being the parent of at FTM kid, we have had to go through multiple explanations at the pharmacy as to why we were getting testosterone. The perscription was clear and ordered from the doctor so what was the big deal. It was clear that this particular phamacist had a problem. They could see history into our medical records and see there was a name and gender change in the records and they had a problem with it and was going to make it difficult each time. We thought about going to a different pharmacy but decided it is better to keep going back and make them understand no amount of questions or disapproving looks will get in the way of our kids health.

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