Business ridicules trans people with large reader board in high traffic area

larry lemmons truckingLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — UPDATE – August 8, 2016. Anyone knowing of the customers (paper mills, lumber mills, bark dust, etc.) of Pacific Fibre Product and Lemmons Trucking, please post in the comments section.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: A photo of this transphobic message on a reader board hit the internet about two months ago. It drew additional exposure when a GOP politician (rightfully) ended up in hot water for sharing a photo of the sign on social media. The coward that created the sign is apparently still unaccountable for his actions because, as of a few weeks ago, the sign was still up.

I took a closer look at the reader board and noticed that the sign included the names of two companies — one of which I was familiar with. Further investigation revealed that both companies are owned by Larry Lemmons, the son of the founder, John Lemmons. The companies, Lemmons Trucking, and Pacific Fibre Products, are based in Longview, Washington. They also have perhaps a half a dozen other locations in the northwest. The sign, a huge one by the way, is located on their property in Longview.  This was confirmed by a visual inspection. In fact, the sign is located in a prominent spot along a busy truck route and pretty much can’t be missed.

Based on figures off the internet and cars in the parking lot(s), a conservative estimate for total number of employees for the two firms owned by Larry Lemmons is 100. Its safe to say that more than a few employees are negatively impacted by the message on the sign. Unfortunately, unless one of the employees is actually transgender, there is likely nothing illegal going on here. The owner of this business is free to speak his mind on a reader board. He gets away with it because it doesn’t hurt his wallet. He has no storefront and no walk in customers. His customers are other big businesses, most of whom will never see the sign. My own inquiries about the sign were ignored.

Means of holding this particular transphobic business accountable are fewer than usual, fortunately, knowing what I know about trucking companies, I believe we’re holding a trump card: Dispatch’s phone number (360-636-5191). That phone is manned 24/7 after 8 AM. Unlike other businesses, they (usually) can’t let calls go to voicemail. As an additional bonus, during the day, especially early mornings, the stress factor is higher in dispatch than anywhere else in any given business. I didn’t even have to dig too deep to find the number — they posted it on their website: “Please feel free to call our friendly, professional dispatchers at 360-636-5191.”

Give them a call 360-636-5191. Just be nice, educate them and tell them you’d like them to put an apology up on the reader board.


Update Aug. 10, 2016: Sources say they’ve been hanging up when receiving calls about the sign with some saying “it’s free speech” before hanging up. I’ve got a line or two on who some of their customers are, but I really need to confirm them. But it’s really a matter of time. Those trucks are easily spotted as are where they dump their loads.

I did manage to confirm some business and charity associates of Larry Lemmons and Lemmons Trucking. They may or may not also be customers. Mr. Lemmons is not listening to us, but he might listen to associates. If you contact any of the people below, please ask them to educate Mr. Lemmons about the harm he is doing to transgender kids and adults by mocking them in this manner. You may have to educate them as well, but virtually all of them deal with the public directly and could benefit from your wisdom!

Lower Columbia College Career Center (they provide Lemmon Trucking and Pacific Fibre with job applicants). Jenny: 360-442-2330, Brian 360-442-2331

Bob Beal Insurance Agency: 360-425-5432

United Way of Cowlitz County. Brooke Fisher-Clark 360-423-5320

DSU-Peterbilt Trucks of Kelso (charity): 360-624-0365

Lemmons Trucking Fax number: 360-430-0749

Lemmons Trucking Human Resource Director: James Bobst 360-577-1362,


t/h Tina Marie Todd

larry lemmons trucking 2

larry lemmons trucking

sales 480x480Watch LEXIE CANNES right now:

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7 replies

  1. And use Skype.
    This will protect your anonymity.

  2. How ‘clever’ of a white male to mock those who are less privileged.
    What are you? A f****** republican? A trump-licking freak?

  3. Look at him.
    Probably a closet “chaser”…

  4. UPDATE on the Transphobic sign. I’ve put a few things in action that I can’t mention online or it would undo our plan. Some of you have asked if there was a fax number to voice your concern. It’s 360-577-1362.

    I also dug up info on Lemmons Trucking/Pacific Fibre Products’ Human Resource Director. His name is James Bobst. Cell: 360-430-0749. Email A review of his activities suggests he may be receptive to our concerns. He apparently is involved with some HR organizations and might be schooled on the possible negative impact this activity may have for some employees (and their families).

    If you’re in the mood, you can go here and voice your concern. It’s a low traffic site, but there’s no reason we can’t commandeer it for a while. 🙂

  5. Great work your doing on behalf of all LGBT, especially our trans community , keep up the great work.

  6. Great work your doing on behalf of the trans community, hank you.

  7. This sign violates the city sign code as far as I am aware

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