Cis woman caught perving in the ladies’ locker room at a fitness center

dani mathers nudeLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — A cis woman (a woman who was born a female) at a Los Angeles area fitness center took photo of a naked woman and posted it on the internet. Had this been a trans woman doing the same, headlines across the country would be screaming TRANS PERVERT, playing into the fears trumped-up nationally by the religious right and hate groups.

The news reports on this incident made no mention of Dani Mathers’ perverted behavior or of possible molesting danger to children in the locker room. Had it been a trans person, “deviant trans molester” would somehow make it into headlines.

LA Fitness has since banned Mathers, a Playboy model, from their locations. She has sort of “apologized,” and offered up an excuse that it was to be a private message but sent publicly.  The LAPD said they were looking into reports of “illegal distribution” but offered no further details.

I say this woman needs the same book thrown at her as the religious right would insisted occur to trans people. I’d like to see the husbands of female members of LA Fitness show the the same venom to this woman as they did towards trans people when Bathroom Bills were being written. I’d like to see religious right groups and trans hate groups demand legislation to protect children from deviant cis female predators. At the very least, she should be on a sex offender’s registry — something, no doubt, these people would insist for a trans person.

But mostly, I offer this article to point out how hypocritical it is to single out trans people as “dangerous” when the real danger is cis men in men’s room and, yes, cis women in the ladies’ room. And especially, Republican politicians, in or out of bathrooms. That’s you, Dennis Hastert.

Update July 17, 2016: I checked around for further info re: possible criminal charges. So far, nothing. Also, the woman in the photo remains unidentified. Mathers has also lost her radio job with KLOS in Los Angeles. She was Playboy’s Playmate of the Year 2015. There’s a petition calling for Mather’s arrest. It has quite a few signatures already and likely to reach is goal of 25k. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the information on the petition, but its here:  (This link has been down for a while now.)

t/h Kara Tucker

Dani Mathers:

dani mathers nakeddani mathers nude

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  1. Good write. Too bad only trans-people (some cis folks too) who read transgender related stuff, will see it. Wonder if the newspapers would print it as an op-ed article?

  2. If they want to punish transgender people for a thing, how about policing up cis-folks doing the things that they think a transgender person would do? Seriously, projecting much? Enforce the laws on the books before you preemptively punish a group for things they did not do. Funny how people like this will say it’s dangerous to paint THEIR group with such a broad brush, then immediately do the same to others.

  3. this story has traction on FB. and the ugly body shaming words this disgusting woman wrote – about another woman………….she is a horrible person A playboy bunny who takes pictures of a naked stranger in a gym locker room and then posts the pictures with ugly words about the innocent woman’s body????? totally disgusting, she deserves some time in her county jail and a fine

  4. OH I there is a big story about the disgusting Playmate on CNN Headline News. And a public statement from LA Fitness – she is kicked out forever from all of their clubs. There is a good discussion going on HLN. yay!

  5. The reason there are no charges yet is because they haven’t identified the victim. I’m not up on the law in that state but they may require that the actual victim press charges.

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