Business Marketing 101: If someone makes a mistake, don’t come out and admit you’re transphobic anyway!

PACIFIC FIBRE AND ROPE TRANS HATELEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS – This is certainly one of the more bizarro incidents to cross my desk. Here we have representative of a company, who as far I know, did not engage in any prior transphobic activities or business practices, yet after being contacted by mistake, openly fessed up to a reporter that they think trans people are deserving of hate.

The error part is true, while doing research on different company with a similar name, I typed the wrong email address ( vs and ended up sending a comments inquiry (re: article I was writing about) to the wrong company. This was their response:

“My Dear Courtney O’Donnell,

To begin with, you emailed your pathetic respond to the wrong company.  We had nothing to do with the [transphobic] sign.  That said, you can shove up the Political Correctness to you know where.  What right do you have to dictate “your” beliefs into someone’s business.  Have you interviewed any of the employees that work for this company, I think not.  I have a feeling that you graduated from college that you feel gives you the right to question anyone who has an opinion that differs from you.

I hope you run the article and you deserve any hate mail you get in response.

Have a nice day.


p.s. That is my personal view.”

This was the address the email came from: While the gentleman says it’s his “personal view,” contact was established and returned on a company URL resource name. I don’t know if he speaks for the business, or if the business allows employees to state “personal views” to reporters.

Normally, I’d let this slide by, but since this fella is saying we deserve the hate that comes our way, I thought I’d let everyone make up their own minds on the matter before buying rope and macrame products from the company this guy works for:

Pacific Fibre and Rope
903 Flint Street
Wilmington, CA 90744
(310) 834-4567
(800) 825-7673
(If you call or email, I suggest asking for Mark Goldman, the CEO.)

Maybe rational thinking will prevail and internet access gets taken away from this fella.


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6 replies

  1. Very corporate of him lol! He can go piss up you know who’s rope.

  2. Let me tie him up with some of that rope after putting him in a dress and heals of course and dropping him off at a biker bar. He can experience that hate first hand and then maybe he will begin to understand. But then he is too arrogant to get the picture anyway.

    • Really Alyna? Your solution is to show him what being trans is ALL ABOUT by making him wear a dress and HEELS (not heals), tying him up and introducing him to violence? Sounds more like fantasy fetishizing.

      How about we gently explain that we are people just like everyone else (except perhaps the sadistic fetishists) and try to find out why he has such a hard attitude about us.

    • Daralyn Maxwell is right, at no time would I want to have someone endure what we do. The best way to counter this kind of hate is to have this guy go to either a P-flag, or transgender support group meeting, and listen to what happens to us. If he doesn’t get the message the first time, keep sending him back to those meetings. Let him hear about the threats, name calling, the violence against us. Maybe he’ll learn, maybe he won’t, but we at least won’t lower ourselves to his level.

  3. That guy is an idiot! That is my personal view.

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