No need to debate people about assault weapons — voice your thoughts at the ballot box instead

NRA GUNSLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Who is tired of debates with gun nuts? I know I am. But here’s the thing, you don’t have to debate them. Heck, you don’t even have to listen to them. Use your thoughts on all things guns at the place where it has the most power — the ballot box. The NRA’s grip on American politics is showing cracks. The most recent misuse of an assault weapon (this time apparently, targeting us) is yet another setback for gun rights advocates. Continued support of gun rights may no longer keep many politicians in office. The power to make actual changes may fall in the hands of voters.

Now, I support the right to bear arms as written in our Constitution. But our extending it to weapons capable of mass destruction was a legal reach at best, at worst, a catastrophic mistake. Around the time of our Founding Fathers, flintlocks and muzzleloaders were the weapons of the day. They had no vision of our eventual capability to create easily accessible weapons of mass destruction. It is up to us, American voters, to rectify this shortcoming — not the NRA or gun nuts. The latter may loudly, heck, even boastfully insist their position is written in stone, but secretly, they’re terrified of voters electing politicians having a different interpretation of the Second Amendment. These people in turn, will start appointing judges with the same view. If this happens, all bets are off. But it begins with you. Your vote at the ballot box. No discussion with gun nuts necessary.

I propose we begin by aiming at the NRA’s weak spot — assault weapons. What’s an assault weapon? Here’s my interpretation: Anything that is capable of firing ammo faster than one can fire a standard bolt-action rifle, including reloading time.

Yup, simple as that. No need to listen to gun nuts splitting hairs with you about automatic, semi-automatic, modified weapons, nor listen to them utter out model numbers like AK-47, AR-15, M-4, Mini 14  —  if the gun is capable of shooting ammo faster than a bolt-action rifle, then it’s an assault weapon that belongs only in the hands of the military and law enforcement agencies.

Next election, look through your voter’s guide. Your choices will clearly (and literally) be in black and white.

Sidenote to my pals Tony Divelbess and Ron Shannon: Had you two not uttered NRA-speak and made insulting comments on my social media page, this article might not have seen the light of day.

gun NUTS


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  1. Discussed slaughter Orlando did not happen because of guns. It happen Because of evil religion extremists Islamist’s fundamentalists. We allowed to come in this country. Who are murdering gays All over the world and our president desires let more in. This dog was born in America but his parents comes from Afghanistan.
    Our Islamic extremists. In Boston They did not need to use assault rifles . Remember the one that drove a car
    into people. our president goes on about guns . Unite president name our enemy we will never destroy it. Can you say evil Islamic extremists

  2. Comments left on Reddit regarding my article:

    [–]ChickinSammich 7 points 7 days ago

    So long as I am not infringing on the freedoms of others, my rights should not be restricted. That applies to being bisexual, to being transgender, to owning a gun, etc.

    Just like the bathroom bill bullshit where they want to pre-emptively restrict everyone’s rights just because of a minority who would commit crimes in spite of the law – punish the criminals and leave the rest of us alone.

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    [–]ImKira 6 points 7 days ago

    We have DD’s (Designated Drivers) for when we go out drinking, so we don’t endanger others… Maybe we should start having DCC’s (Designated Concealed Carriers) too, to keep us safe…

    Guns aren’t the problem. Bad people are the problem.

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    [–]kasika_tg 8 points 7 days ago*

    As a trans gal who owns rifles and is an avid shooter/hunter, this article is loaded to the brink with misinformation.

    ONCE AGAIN, anti-gunners use tragedies like this as a way to make guns the reason why this happened when we need to focus on the assailant instead.

    If anything, another person with a Concealed Carry weapon would have stopped that asshole from ever carrying out this tragedy to this extreme.

    edit But this was not possible because since the a law preventing carry in places where 51% of more of the revenue of the establishment is alcohol. So the assailant knew this was a “gun free zone” and took advantage of it.

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    [–]ImKira 3 points 7 days ago

    Hear, hear!

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    [–]pleasepeace2[S] 1 point 56 minutes ago

    I’d like a rocket powered grenade launcher. Why can’t I have one? Grenades don’t kill people. People kill people.

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    [–]muumbless 12 points 7 days ago

    so i cant defend myself if a bigot attacks me ? firearms are tools. there is no such thing as an “assault weapon” that is a political term used to scare people who are uninformed

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    [–]pleasepeace2[S] 1 point 1 day ago

    NRA speak.

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    [–]pleasepeace2[S] -5 points 7 days ago

    Who needs gun debates? We need more voting at the ballot box to rid our country of assault weapons.

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    [–]ArmyCoreEOD 5 points 7 days ago

    What makes an assault weapon? Is it the detachable box magazine? The pistol grip? Collapsible stock? Caliber?

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    [–]pleasepeace2[S] 1 point 1 day ago

    The body count per minute.

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    • While obviously everyone is entitled to their opinions, don’t let them distract you with NRA-speak. WE don’t have to buy into the NRA-speak. Just vote your thoughts on election day.

      Moral: If gun nuts don’t want guns to go away, they can come to the table, shut their mouths and negotiate.

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