UPDATE – Target Explosion due to drug use, not trans related; Cis woman arrested

evanston target transLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — UPDATE – June 12, 2016. Target bathroom explosion is the result of drug use – not trans issues. From an Evanston Police Dept. press release:

“Through the course of their investigation, it was determined that the female, now identified as Heidi Schmidt, was inside the stall at the time the incident occurred.  Also recovered in the bathroom were items that are commonly combined in a method to produce a chemical high, but during the mixture process can become volatile and explode.  Schmidt was not injured in the incident and left the scene prior to the arrival of the police and fire department. . . .

There is no factual evidence that was uncovered during this investigation that points toward this incident being related to any policies of the Target store or a hate crime.”

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: The explosion of a small bomb in the women’s bathroom at an Evanston, Illinois Target store on Wednesday resulted in no injuries and only minor damages. On Thursday, a 44-year-old woman was taken in custody in connection with the bomb.

From an Evanston police news release: “The detectives are not currently looking for any known additional suspects and (at) this point there is no indication that the incident is related to any policies that the Target store has in place.”

According to the news release, no charges have been filed, nor has the name of the person in custody been released.

Police say the homemade device was constructed with a small plastic bottle and did not contain small pieces of metal or projectiles.

I looked at quite a few media reports and the above is pretty much all the information that is available. While numerous reports attempt to tie the explosion to Target’s trans bathroom policy, there is zero evidence that suggests it is.

Indeed, a close examination of the statement from the police indicates they know who planted the bomb and that it has nothing to do with the trans policy. This ought to be the end of our concern unless new details released by the police come to our attention.

Update June 12, 2016. As indicated above, and as I previously stated earlier, the explosion had nothing to do with trans issues.

UPDATED Evanston Police press release (pdf): https://content.govdelivery.com/bulletins/gd/ILEVANSTON-14eb91d?wgt_ref=ILEVANSTON_WIDGET_2

My most recent article about Target: https://lexiecannes.com/2016/05/21/trans-equality-foes-spying-on-bathrooms-at-target-fallout-hits-close-to-home/

evanston target trans

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  1. Probably someone looking to have something to brag about, foolishness.

  2. i am still cautious. unless it was NOT meant to be a bomb, but some accidental chemical reaction, seems very odd timing. after all, “chrisitans” are KNOWN to use terrorism in achieving their goals (bombing abortion clinics, shooting abortion doctors, Timothy McVeigh, etc) granted they are the most extreme, that doesnt mean this was NOT someone similar. I hope it isnt, but with what i have witnessed in my life, i put it past NO ONE.


  1. UPDATE – Target Explosion due to drug use, not trans related; Cis woman arrested - DeaFeed

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