Trans Teen Role Models Jazz Jennings and Corey Maison light up large audiences

corey maison jazz jenningsLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Fifteen-year-old trans youth Jazz Jennings, no stranger to this space or the trans community, was invited to participate in the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists’ annual meeting which included a symposium titled: “Transgender Medicine: What an Endocrinologist Should Know.”

Jazz to the audience: “A lot of people think it’s a choice being transgender. I would want any professional I’m with to understand that this is the way I am . . . I would want them to provide the necessary care in order for me to feel like my best self.”

On the topic of puberty blockers, a major part of the program, Jazz said this: “I know that having the blocker really helped make me happy. To know that I’m in the body the way I feel on the inside is just so reaffirming . . . I could definitely see myself being suicidal if I couldn’t be blocked and had to develop as a male with a beard and mustache and all those secondary-sexual characteristics. I would just be so devastated.”


Fourteen-year-old trans youth Corey Maison created a brilliant anti-bullying video which has racked up some serious shares/views on social media. Through the use of cue cards and facial expression, it’s quite the emotional request for sanity from our larger society — many of whom are simply uneducated. And for other trans kids being bullied, affirmation that they’re not alone and hope for changes exists.

Corey previously attracted media attention when her mother posted a photo of Corey online during North Carolina’s bathroom bill controversy.



Jazz is a trans activist that keeps on delivering. I’m beyond impressed.

If you’ve friends or family members struggling to understand trans matters, Corey’s video may help. If it doesn’t, perhaps they’re unlikely to understand or accept no matter what you do:


 t/h Lynn Conway

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Corey Masion — Anti-bullying video:

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corey maison jazz jennings

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  1. Just curious

    Any reason why Nicole Maines is not also included. Certainly

    BECOMING NICOLE — The TRANSFORMATION of an AMERICAN FAMILY, C 2015, by Amy Ellis Nutt, Random House, New York

    is simply excellect.

  2. Well two thumbs up to all three girls for bravely being trans advocates and giving the rest of the trans kids the courage to go on in their journeys.

  3. I only regret that when I was young, my parents would have no part of allowing me to transition and take hormone blockers and replacement estrogen. I remember seeing the movie “The Christine Jorgensen Story” at home in television. I had no inkling what the story was about until the doctor told her that she was in between both genders. I realized at that moment who I was, but when she got all that negative publicity by everyone here in the US, I decided to hide under a rock and try to live the lie that my parents wanted me to be. Did that for 45 miserable years. But after a divorce where I gave her everything, I started afresh as as Brenda and hope to live another 25 years.

  4. I imagine many had the same situation as a child: Dad and Mom wanted their children to be respectable members of society, for the sake of the children and for the sake of the parents. All too often the thoughts, feelings, dreams, and legitimate needs of the children are not much considered. Certainly, transgender children’s insides often will not be considered.

  5. Thanks for the comments! 🙂

  6. These young women are inspiring. I feel some sadness that there was no visible movement, nor any local help when I was a child. Still, these and others are the future. Every closeted trans kid who sees them might imagine a different life and different world for themselves and then act.

  7. I have written two books about the OTHER alternative, being a transgender girl and being forced to grow up as a boy. This book is NOT for transgender children. It’s for their PARENTS, teachers, ministers, and community leaders.
    It’s NOT a best seller, because it’s painful to read. It describes what happens “when you just can’t hide the girl inside”.
    “Living in Stealth: Undercover” describes the cruel and unusual punishment of being forced to go to school for your thrice daily beatings, hospitalizations, and the suicide attempts.
    The second book “Living in Stealth: Iron Mask” describes the struggle of trying to keep ACTING like something you’re not, and hiding your true self from those closest to you.
    There third book “Breaking Cover”, is still in progress and covers the process of transition, and the courage and strength it takes to make that transition, letting others see who you really are.

    These books are based, not only on my own experiences, but also the thousands of transgender people I have interacted with over the last 50 years.

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