Here’s a fella who is disappointed there hasn’t been trans people gunned down in bathrooms

james dobson transgenderLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Lest you think I’m hyping up the headline, let remind you trans people have been killed over lessor things than bathroom usage — and usually by people that don’t command a large audience as James Dobson does.

The gist: Dobson is founder of the trans-hate group Focus on the Family and has been creating chaos in the name of Jesus since 1977. He recently wrote a piece for his apparent in-house publication and it was picked up by at least one right-wing “news” site.

Using Obama’s recent call for trans equality as a set-up, Dobson makes a blatant emotional appeal: “If you are a dad, I pray you will protect your little girls from men . . .” then delivers a call to action: “If this had happened 100 years ago, someone might have been shot. Where is today’s manhood? God help us!”

Let me get try to get this straight Mr. Dobson. Are you whining about men today not having the guts to settle disputes with guns? Or is it you miss the days when men were REAL men, and solved things, again, with guns? Or is this just a call to action for men to up their manhood by shooting trans people in bathrooms with guns?

Most people have no need to figure out exactly what he’s saying, because they recognize words of a lunatic and just move on. Unfortunately, some of Dobson’s confused followers may find one of the above crystal clear in meaning and take action to relieve Dobson of his disappointment in the manhood of men today — a real threat for trans people.


james dobson transgender

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  1. He is a small minded, hateful person as are his followers. And therein lies the danger. They can not see past their bigotry and hate and I fear someone will take his words to heart and act. He can then wash his hands all he wants in an attempt to absolve himself from any responsibility but, like Pilate he will never rid himself of this culpability.

  2. Well said. It scares me to think this man has listeners.

  3. PSA for Dobson and his lunatic followers.

    Not all transgender people are anti-gun.

    They better be careful who they threaten.

  4. Sigh – these people are encouraging a dangerous confrontation. So many transwomen carry protection and refuse to be defenseless victims in such a situation. Personally, I do not carry a handgun ,(although I did when I began transitioning because of the concerns generated by TDOR), but I am not without other protection..

    But I sincerely promote non-violence in all situations. We must somehow neutralize this criminal thinking without people getting injured or killed. Shootouts in public restrooms are too horrible to even contemplate

    • I am right there with you darling. When I came out publicly, I started training in self defense. I also carry occasionally. I refuse to become a victim a second time around.

    • LOL, I don’t carry and I won’t.

      The last person who assaulted me had a knife. She went to the hospital.

  5. Apparently it is not a problem for a father to end up doing life in prison on murder charges and then not to have parental influence in his children’s lives, which is so important for a child’s development. Not to mention the bad example he will set for his children for murdering someone.

    Murder is still a felony, isn’t it? Whether one murders a trans person or anyone else. It doesn’t make logical sense to even say things like this.

    Then, of course, there is meeting ones Maker at death to find out which way you are going to go. I don’t understand how evangelists, preachers, etc seem to like to go back into the Old Testament to settle social issues in today’s world when the New Testament preaches something so different. Did Jesus set the example of murdering people he deemed to be different?

  6. it seems to me that people like this are best ignored. it can serve no useful purpose for us to be repeating hate speech directed at us. better to strengthen the ties to the rest of society than to empower the haters on the fringe by even mentioning their names. groups identifying as the “moral majority”, like focus on the family, liberty council, family research council, american family association and every extremist christian minister spewing hatred in the name of jesus from his pulpit, have always gone against the grain of the mainstream’s ideas of morality and thank whatever it is you thank that they’re not in the majority.

    these people have been at war with queers since the LGBT equality movement sprang up in the wake of the stonewall riots in 1969. the truth and the law have been on our side straight along. nobody cares any more what costume somebody wears or what sex their bed partner is. nobody even noticed transgender people in the bathrooms until transgender kids started showing up in public schools and the christian extremists started losing court battles to them.

    we have made great strides in the past few years in terms of recognition and acceptance as a distinct minority deserving of equal protection under the law. most of these anti-trans laws are being defeated and where they’re passing, the economic backlash has been fierce. protective legislation is already in place and either needs to be fine tuned a little in it’s wording or simply invoked more persistently.

    tucson prides itself on it’s diversity and it’s riskier to be openly transphobic than openly transgender. my attire is pretty gender neutral and i’ve only been on HRT for a year, so i’ve got a ways to go before i look female to most people. my temperament is obviously female though, so it only takes a short rap to get people to relate to me as a female. people who have a problem with it politely disengage. it’s not much worse online, though people do say some outrageously hateful and stupid things, but they get blocked quickly, as we should do with people like james dobson.

    i’m enjoying what every trans person everywhere deserves — acceptance in the community as myself. we really need to stop whining about every misinformed mental midget trying to stir up hate against us and tout ourselves and our achievements in the arts and technology rather than empowering the haters by getting righteously indignant every time they say something mean and stupid in public.

    • What you say is so true. It’s pride month, let’s not dwell on the intolerant scum. But exposing them for what they are (mental midgets, lol), is OK. We have had great progress this year, let us celebrate, but not forget that we are at war.

  7. Unfortunately, he can’t be ignored. He has over 2 million listeners on the hate filled christian radio networks around in Canada and the United States. Out of that 2 million listeners there might be 10 nut jobs prepared to kill someone because he said so. He needs to be class action sued for his dangerous radio remarks. He isn’t even a licensed Dr. of Psychology as his show purports him to be. The man is an ASSHOLE, and an liar and fraud as well.

  8. Reblogged this on Fairy JerBear's Queer/Trans Musings From The City Different – Santa Fe, NM and commented:
    Shocking comments from a man with history of hateful anti-LGBTQ activism…

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  10. Seriously this lunatic need to be charge under the Federal hate crime law for promoting. Violence against us as hid followers.

  11. So here is the gist of it; I am trans, i go into the women’s restroom, sit and pee, I come out of the toilet stall and get shot by a man it’s ok Per this Dr. Dobson? Yet I did nothing wrong to warrant getting shot by an ill-advised dad. Wouldn’t that make the ill-advised dad the threat in the women’s restroom and not myself?

  12. If it happened 100 years ago (and I assure you, it did…trans have been around long before then), the trans person would have gone to the bathroom, pee’d, left. No shooting, nobody gave a f*c* then. They really didn’t. There aren’t any stories of men in the early 1900s surrounding the women’s outhouses or even bath houses because there was a trans in it. *shrug*

    It is only with the fear mongering of TODAY that suddenly “there must be a law” followed by the “think of the children!!” mantra bull. Personally, I think these people are mad because they are at conflict with their false gods that tell them it’s wrong to want us sexually. They blame the target of their desire. Classic Freudian.

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