Trans equality foes spying on bathrooms at Target; Fallout hits close to home

target transgenderLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — No one will disagree that fallout from Bathroom Bills impacts all trans people one way or another, no matter where they live — even if it’s in a relatively safer part of the country, such as here in the Pacific Northwest. This was underlined today by a bit of disturbing news that was shared on social media by a well-known local trans/LGBTQ advocate.

The advocate posted on Facebook details of their disturbing encounter with people spying on the bathrooms at a Portland, Oregon, area Target store.

From their post:

“[After entering Target, they] immediately encountered two men who we quickly realized were watching the bathrooms. They had taken a picture of someone who had gone into a restroom and were speculating on that person’s gender; they were disparagingly talking about how “transgenders” are using the bathrooms now; they were going in and out of the men’s bathroom to check up on things; then one of their significant others came out of the family bathroom with their kid and they left. This put [us] in a place of danger to simply pee.”

They did talk to a manager who was very sympathetic and apologetic. The manager noted that some employees plan to quit their jobs because of Target’s bathroom policy.  On the whole, they believed the manager truly cared but believe employees were not briefed enough for this “incredibly heated moment of spotlight on the company.”

For cis people, they suggest this: “All this is to say, if you’re not trans or gender non-conforming, please pay attention especially at places like Target. Please intervene if you witness this behavior. Please talk to your fellow cis (non-trans) peers often and candidly about bathrooms. . . . . Have these conversations so trans people don’t have to.

Earlier in the post, this point was made: “The national conversations about bathrooms and trans people are more than just political fodder and interesting headlines, this is an incredibly significant and dangerous moment that is impacting many trans people every day.”

This is the elephant in the room that is apparently too big for Republicans to see. While seeking to fix a non-existent problem, they also raised trans misery index significantly — thanks to them, emboldened people have taken it upon themselves to play Bathroom Cop — even 3,000 miles from ground zero.

Note: Contents of the Facebook post was used with permission.

Security guard arrested after forcing trans woman out of bathroom:

More on Bathroom Bills:

target transgender

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  1. These comments were made in response to the Trans/LGBT advocate’s post on my FB. I’ve since deleted that thread to replace it with this article. These are some of the comments:

    “I don’t find the fact people are watching restrooms closely to be surprising, especially at Target stores given their policy. I will not be surprised when someone, who imho will most likely be a cisgender “butch” female or cisgender “femme” man gets assaulted by these nutjobs.”

    “I live in Kentucky, and as far as I have seen, this state, which is on the verge of a complete Republican takeover of state government, hasn’t fallen prey to the hysteria. I thought the anti-transgender pogroms would’ve started after Atherton high school allowed a trans student to use the proper restrooms. Incidentally, I got a chance to visit Atherton’s GSA and was quite impressed with the young people there.”

    “Everywhere we encounter this discussion whether you, the reader, are bio/cis ally, trans, CD, some other gender or non-conforming…we need to read closely the words being used. Part of the issue that I see a person on my friends list having is not get..Part of the issue that I see a person on my friends list having is not getting what these do and don’t do, the good ones mind you, not the crap like NC and others have pulled.

    What the language is perpetuating about these good laws is ‘allowance’. That these laws *allow* any and everyone IN whichever bathroom they so desire. What people aren’t getting is that it’s not allowance when boiled down; what it is is legal *protection and ramifications* if there something were to happen to a non-cis/non-cis appearing person.”

  2. I live in Louisville Ky i shop at Target on Taylorsville rd i have never had a problem using the rest room there or any where else . even out side of Jefferson county in Bullet or Spencer countys I really think that the cis gender women here are more understanding and the men are more educated than in NC i really don’t see any change in shoppers at target still a ton of consumers and long lines .I do keep my Mace ready just in case tho so far never had to use .when this B//S started i do have two cis gender girl friends who started going to the rest room with me in which they didn’t understand why i had to go so often to pee i told them most trans are on Spironolatone it makes us pee a lot .they didn’t know why so glad i live here ..

  3. I live in Canada and for 25 years have used the ladies room and never had an issue. It’s mind boggling to watch this circus but also sad to see so much stupidity going on.

  4. i live in AZ, and worked at the Target in Prescott, az for several years. as far as i remember these policies were in effect then, its NOT a new thing (at least an inclusive policy, it might not have spelled out transgender?) this was in 02 to 04.

    Since i have transitioned, i have not had a single problem, any where, and this is a state who DID try to pass a bathroom bill, but it was removed because enough people spoke up against it. Prescott, Kingman, Phoenix and points between, no issue. also in California where i was born, recently visited (first time after transitioning) due to a death in the family. again, no issues. worst thing i have had happen was a few people gave me second looks, but never said anything.

  5. [Deleted by moderator due to excessive Bible quoting. Please try to keep your posts concise and on topic. Lengthy “copy and paste” from elsewhere is discouraged. Just post a link. Thank you.


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