Fellow Christians enable cross necklace-wearing attacker of trans woman on board packed subway

subway christian attackLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Unprovoked attacks on trans people on subways are sadly, rather commonplace. I’ve already written about a handful in this very space, including one earlier this year. But this one stands out. One that I think requires some of the riders on that train to assume personal responsibility for what happened to trans woman Pearl Love last week as she rode the subway in New York City.

The attacker was a woman who was wearing a large cross necklace. One couldn’t miss it. It was swinging around in plain sight of everyone. Video footage easily picked it up.

The woman launched into an explicit barrage against the trans woman on the packed train, followed by physical attacks, and topped off with a chase around the train or two. Total time: 5 minutes. Total number of Christians that came to the aid of the trans woman: 0.

Some of the riders of that train likely were wearing cross necklaces too. What the heck? Did they hide it under their shirts as this was going on? Fair weather Christians, I wonder.

I’m tired of Christians behaving badly — in this case, both the attacker and those who enabled her. In this case, enablers diluted whatever was supposed to be good about Christianity.

If one of your fellow Christians is going down the wrong path, step up and prevent an innocent person from being harmed — this includes putting yourself in harms way — because it is the Christian thing to do. Right?

Another NYC beating and subway attack: https://lexiecannes.com/2016/04/18/trans-activist-who-was-previously-attacked-on-nyc-subway-attacked-for-a-second-time/

This attack, watch the video (Trigger warning): https://www.facebook.com/pearl.mclove/posts/1102377636471588?fref=nf&pnref=story

More: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2016/05/04/christian-verbally-and-physically-attacks-trans-woman-on-nyc-train/

subway christian attack

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  1. “If one of your fellow Christians is going down the wrong path, step up and prevent an innocent person from being harmed — this includes putting yourself in harms way — because it is the Christian thing to do. Right?”

    In my experience, the xtian thing that IS done, is to ostracize and attempt to destroy anyone who is not of your specific ‘tribe’. It’s even laid out in that poorly written collection of novellas they revere! I am always hyper aware around anyone wearing a religious symbol as the probability of running into a fanatic is dramatically higher.

  2. well the assumption that at least SOME of them are christian might be faulty. yes it was possible, but with the failing numbers of religion, it is likely there wasnt more than one or two in that car, and they felt that it would stupid to get in the way of this mad woman, who by her actions SHOW she is not a “true christian” but the lip service type, using it by cherry picking quotes to fit their view point and validate it.

    yes, it is christian to stand in the way of danger to protect someone else, but if that person was also an adult, that human urge is less pressing on their conscious.

    the DOWN side to the shrinking membership, is that it seems to be the more vitriolic members who dont leave, unless the church takes a stance that is tolerant of something they find abhorrent, then they just go to another hate mongering church, or start their own.

    i just hope this woman was caught and charged,and the trans woman sues her for mental distress and trauma

  3. Thanks for the comments. I knew this article would ruffle the feathers of some, but then I remember the Christians who gave $70 million dollars to Rev. Creflo Dollar for a new jet. There’s a LOT of house cleaning to be done here and they can start with folks misrepresenting the ideals of Christianity on subways.

  4. I’m a Christian and I find it very hurtful and damaging to the Christian community as a whole when these legalistic and judgemental people who say they’re Christians but seem to promote hate and fear and that is the total opposite of Christ!

    • Well, unfortunately those legalistic and judgemental christians have the ear of the Republican politician, who will pander them to get their vote. What’s that you say? Does their vote mean anything, anyway? It can be said that these type of christians have found that if they vote as a block of likewise voters, they can command power over the way a politician thinks ,,,, and votes. In some states, right wing christian voters outnumber secular voters. That’s how N.C. and TX manage to get such discriminatory laws passed. The core of the issue is that secular, liberal and progressive people have to get off their ass and financially support the politicians that they want to be in office, and most of all, get out and vote for them. By the way, the filthy rich folks also have the Republican politician’s ear too, because they have a lot of money to donate to get what they want.

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