(Update — Schilling FIRED!) ESPN’s Curt Schilling posts a transphobic meme online; says trans people are “pathetic”

curt schillingLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Update-5, April 24, 2016. An excellent look into the online mind of Curt Schilling from the Washington Post:

“When his fear of a changing America manifests in an ornery disdain for millennials’ pathological laziness, unabashed admiration of Walmart’s marketing ploys or public displays of affection for Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Donald Trump’s kids, Schilling’s retrograde beliefs are almost quaint: He’s the clichéd right-wing uncle I’ve never known but my white friends all claim to have. More often, though, Schilling’s fear is expressed in other, more hostile ways — like when he shares a video of an American soldier playing “The Star-Spangled Banner” on his electric guitar in an effort to drown out Muslim prayer services, or celebrates Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s harsh treatment of prisoners in his tent-city prison in Maricopa County, Ariz. He sees humans rights and freedoms as extinguishable, transferable resources, reserved mainly for straight, white, middle-aged, Christian, conservative, American males — people like him.”


Update-4, April 20, 2016. Curt Schilling has been FIRED from ESPN. From the Los Angeles Times:

“ESPN announced Wednesday night it has fired outspoken baseball analyst and former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling after his reposting of a meme widely interpreted as anti-transgender on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

“Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated,” the network said in a statement.”


ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Yesterday, ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling shared a transphobic meme online, and made the following comments underneath:

“A man is a man no matter what they call themselves. I don’t care what they are, who they sleep with, men’s room was designed for the penis , women’s not so much. Now you need laws telling us differently? Pathetic.”

The meme was later removed but Schilling followed up with comments on his blog. An excerpt:

“You frauds out there ranting and screaming about my ‘opinions’ (even if it isn’t) and comments are screaming for “tolerance” and “acceptance” while you refuse to do and be either.”

ESPN on Tuesday said they’re taking the matter seriously and are reviewing it. Schilling last month got in hot water for defying an ESPN rule to not make political comments during an election year, but he was not disciplined.

Here’s a fella that needs a new job. Let’s help him find one: ESPN headquarters phone: 1-860-766-2000, studio phone (supposedly the best way to reach a human): 800-919-3776 (press 3), email: espnpr@espn.com, espnfrontrow@espn.com, or leave a comment: http://espn.go.com/espn/customercare/tvindex


Update-1, March 20, 2016. From Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams: Call it Curt Schilling Syndrome: Overly sensitive man mortally offended by criticism of his own offensive comments. Excerpts

“These defense patterns are so predictable: Shift blame, claim to embrace equality, lecture on “appropriate” causes . . .

You know what never gets old? Middle-aged white guys telling the rest of us how we shouldn’t be offended by their offensiveness. Curt Schilling, show us how it’s done. . . .

Though screen grabs remain (Psssst… removing all traces of stuff off the Internet isn’t as easy as it sounds!) Schilling deleted the post. He did not, however, issue a mea culpa for posting it in the first place. Instead, on Tuesday he sent out a tweet saying, “For all of you people dying to be offended by something that never actually happened,” and a link to a post on his blog he titled, “The hunt to be offended…” Sounding more than a little offended himself, Schilling warned in his screed, “If you get offended by ANYTHING in this post, that’s your fault, all yours.” . . .

Schilling then ended with a refrain that’s apparently familiar to him: “There are actual causes that need attention such as homeless veterans and our archaic education system.” I don’t know about you, but I just love it when Curt Schilling gives a lecture on what our social progress priorities should be. And Curt Schilling doesn’t think trans rights are important because he literally doesn’t understand what they are.”


Update-2, March 20, 2016. Schilling says he was “blindsided”. From Boston.com:

“Curt Schilling repeatedly said he didn’t understand why he was being criticized for sharing an anti-transgender meme and said “somebody is hunting” during a Wednesday morning interview on WEEI.

This, I don’t wanna say snuck up on me, but it did,” said Schilling, the ESPN analyst and former Red Sox pitcher. “My comment was as innocuous and non-aggressive as anything anybody can say. I’m still trying to figure out how all this happened. . . .

I was kind of blindsided by this one,” he said. “When I got the call [from ESPN], I was like, ‘I don’t get this, how does this become that.’”

Update-3, April 20, 2016. ESPN still considering a decision on Schilling. From The Washington Post:

ESPN, a company owned by the publicly-traded Disney, has a policy of promoting inclusiveness. “We are taking this matter very seriously,” Josh Krulewitz, ESPN’s vice president of communications, told The Post in an email Tuesday night, “and are in the process of reviewing it.”

Clearly, ESPN is in a difficult position and is taking its time deciding what, if anything, it should do about an employee who continues to generate headlines for expressing controversial personal opinions. Last month, it chose to do nothing when Schilling said that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “belongs under a jail somewhere.” In late August 2015, the network took Schilling off broadcasts when he shared a meme about Muslims and Nazis (though ESPN later brought him back for postseason games).

Richard Deitsch, who covers the media for Sports Illustrated, tweeted that he believes “there’s a likelihood we will see ESPN announce something on Curt Schilling in the next 48 hours.”

This time, the media giant’s reaction may be different. As Deitsch points out, ESPN can replace Schilling easily, even though he has been a strong baseball analyst. And Schilling would, no doubt, quickly find another job.

“I think Schilling has placed ESPN in a tough spot here. He knows how management feels and he’s pushed the envelope with them,” Deitsch tweeted. “He has every right to espouse his beliefs on his feeds. They in turn have a right to react to that re: putting him (or not) on the air. High-ranking ESPN execs have always told me that when a certain talent becomes too big a headache, that’s usually when the company reacts.”


Yesterday I wrote about the sentencing of a killer of a NYC trans woman: https://lexiecannes.com/2016/04/19/killer-of-nyc-trans-woman-islan-nettles-sentenced-to-12-years-for-manslaughter/

Curt Schilling: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2016/04/19/espns-curt-schilling-again-invites-controversy-by-sharing-anti-transgender-meme/

Update-5, Washington Post: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/22/magazine/curt-schillings-hunt-to-be-offended.html?_r=0

Update-4, Schilling FIRED: http://www.latimes.com/sports/sportsnow/la-sp-sn-curt-schilling-espn-20160420-story.html

Update-3: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2016/04/20/curt-schillings-anti-transgender-meme-might-have-pushed-espn-too-far-this-time/

Update-2: http://www.boston.com/sports/media/2016/04/20/curt-schilling-weei

Update-1: http://www.salon.com/2016/04/20/call_it_curt_schilling_syndrome_overly_sensitive_man_mortally_offended_by_criticism_of_his_own_offensive

curt schilling


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46 replies

  1. Curt Schilling is an asshole.

    • Oh, yeah, but he must be some kind a hit with ESPN fans if he’s still on the air.

      • Why is it that you think he needs to be removed from his position with ESPN? He has an opinion that disagrees with yours so therefore he should be unemployed? It doesn’t seem like you’re demonstrating the very same tolerance and acceptance that you’re demanding from others. That makes you a hypocrite.

        • Yes. Everything ^^he^^ said.
          It’s disproportionate anger to even CARE what his opinion is. Get over yourself!

        • Transrights arent an OPINION to be HAD steve. They are HUMAN RIGHTS. It’s not accepting an “opinion”. When you phrase it like that, it makes people think you do not believe in trans people having rights at all, or that you do not believe that transgender people actually are the wrong gender in the wrong body. Its like if I was to tell you I was born in Canada, and you disagreed because it was your opinion I was not born in Canada. Doesn’t make sense.

          • I never said a thing about “Trans Rights,” Cynthia. I said that Schilling had an opinion on the matter that differed from how the matter is being handled and that the writer unfairly asserted that Schilling should be dismissed from his occupation because he disagreed with how the matter was being handled. I won’t deny ANYONE their rights, and that includes Schilling’s right to free speech. It’s not exactly a “right” if it costs you your job to exercise it. You can’t deny someone’s right to free speech just because you don’t like what they say. An old but essential truth is that every time you grant someone a “right” you are automatically denying someone else theirs because rights are perceived as absolutes and every absolute has a polar opposite.
            If you don’t like what Schilling said then maybe you should change the channel and unfriend him on Facebook. You have a right to do that too and it preserves his right to be whatever kind of person he wants to be.

            • I agree with you Steve 100%.The only people with rights seem to be the ones trying to change the laws!Nobody should be fired over an opinion.Im not racist but i dont want to use a bathroom with men.Just my opinion.

        • Steve, ESPN said no political comments. This is his second one (that I know of). Are they all bark and no bite? Fans of Curt should be pleading with him to knock it off — not wasting time posting here.

          • I encourage everyone to voice their opinions, say it loud and sat it proud. The 1st Amendment is still part of our constitution. You weenies who try to shut people down, pickup a history book.

            • Cliff, that’s a hell of a contradiction you got going there. One one hand you say people ought to voice their opinions and on the other hand, you’re telling those at ARE voicing free speech that they’re “weenies”.

      • Why are you so intent on getting him fired? It sounds like you don’t even watch ESPN so why do you care who they employ? Just seems petty..And you’re so quick to use violence against trans examples.. I hope you realize just because someone is morally opposed to HB2, or even the trans lifestyle in general, that doesn’t mean they want to commit violence on trans people… Maybe they just don’t want their children exposed to such things at a young age (especially in a public bathroom) before they have a chance to educate them on what trans is. Lexie Cannes was a good movie btw.

  2. I don’t interpret what he said the way your title reads. If the quote you put up is accurate, he wasn’t calling trans people pathetic but the need for laws to tell people where to pee. He is an asshole, not just because of his views on trans people and bathrooms but he is also a revered retired baseball player with a huge fan base and ESPN has a male dominated fan base who probably don’t disagree with his opinions that much. I just wish we could get people to understand that it isn’t always about the almighty penis nor men in the women’s room. I think we all agree that men don’t belong in the women’s bathrooms. The problem is in our definition of who is and what is a man. I don’t know who that person is in the meme or why they were walking around in public in that get up, but I find it disrespectful of women and grotesque and I doubt that that person actually is a trans woman.

    • Well stated Lesboi.

    • Reading through your comment I encountered a sentence, which in this particular blog, gives all the clarity necessary for understanding the issue. “The problem is in our definition of who is and what is a man.” You seem to be referring to the 2015 court “REDEFINITION”, of sorts. A man is still male, and a woman is not! And what genders choose to impose on the majority (as consequences of this new law), has nothing to do with our male/female definition of which we choose to portrait. I tend to agree with you, in the sentiment that it is indeed, grotesque and disrespectful, to say the least!
      Case in point: Genesis 2:7 The Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

    • Ok, here it is as plain as I can state it. Born with a penis = male/man, born without a pen is = female/woman.

      • Google “intersex” Brad. There are around 23 types. Please tell me how you divvy them up between “man” and “woman”. And make it as plain as you can state it.

        • I’ve argued the transgender restroom debate over, and over, and over. The wall that the other side always hits is the point when I pull out a photo of Jazz Jennings and ask the person,”What restroom does this young person appear to belong in?”. The response is usually to dodge the question, and that’s because there is no arguing that, to anyone who has a working set of eye balls, male-born Jazz clearly appears female in every way. There is no argument to be had regarding this.

          Does this method of stumping the other side involve pulling the “passing” card? Yes it does. But my point is, once you hit that wall when debating this issue, the only thing the other side has left to use as justification for their failure to empathize is, “If it has a penis, it’s male. If it has a vagina, it’s female”, quickly followed by,”I just don’t see why the family restroom isn’t good enough!”…

          At that point in the debate, you’re wasting your time trying to convince them to see our side. Chalk them up as a ‘lost cause’ for change in terms of putting their own bigotry and learned responses aside in order to be a better, kinder person toward others who deviate from mainstream society’s rigid norms. We have to accept the reality – that we must let these people who are hopelessly stuck to simply age out of the debate. When they are that stuck on this issue, you will never reach common ground with them.

      • ”Born with penis=man born without penis=woman”
        As long as I can state cis women have vaginas and uteruses, a very important part in mammal reproduction (you came from there, dumbass), not a ”lack of penises”. Also functional milk glands. Please, stop being too penis-centered, it’s so gross and narcissistic.
        And fucking google ”intersex”.

    • Lesboi, I see your perspective, however, I look at his statement of “you need laws” and see it’s directed at us. Thanks for the comment!

    • “I don’t interpret what he said the way your title reads. If the quote you put up is accurate, he wasn’t calling trans people pathetic but the need for laws to tell people where to pee”

      Exactly, but then that wouldn’t fit into Lexies agenda, would it?

  3. I’m sorry, but Curt is a low life. He spit on poor people and called them leeches then took money from the state of RI to start his startup. When it folded he stuck RI with the bill. Now he is just spreading hate and ignorance. I find it funny that when Howard Cosell made that comment, “look at that monkey run” and it happened to be about a black guy, he was fired for it. The thing is, my grandmother used to say that about me and I am white. It was just a saying and no mal-intent, but Cosell lost his job. I guess transgender people are easy to hate and it is just accepted that anything can be said or done to them.
    Worse, as Lesboi points out, I don’t believe that person is trans either. It was probably one of those cross-dresser things that are meant as a joke.

  4. Wow, you commenters should really look in the mirror and stop being so judgmental yourselves!

  5. We have Men, Women & Family restrooms already……………. Problem solved if THEY want to be different then add a restroom that says “OTHERS”………………………………..

  6. Liberals only tolerate one opinion . Theirs . And more often than not ..they are horribly wrong

  7. He’s ignorant, instead of crucifying everyone who doesn’t understand or know a transgendered person, let’s teach them. They won’t ever learn until we show them our souls.. and teach them the truth. He shouldn’t lose his job cuz he’s ignorant.
    Sincerly a transgendered girl.

  8. Instead of Crucifying this man, lets just teach him..hes ignorant, due to not knowing a transgendered person. he shouldnt lose his job, just cuz he hurt our feelings. instead of trying to destroy him. lets show him our souls… our compassion. teach him and show him the truth..

    sincerely a transgendered girl

  9. “A man is a man no matter what they call themselves. I don’t care what they are, who they sleep with, men’s room was designed for the penis , women’s not so much. Now you need laws telling us differently? Pathetic” is not the same as “ESPN’s Curt Schilling posts a transphobic meme online; says trans people are ‘pathetic’ .” You obviously are too stupid to get what he is saying in not so many words.

  10. Try reading what he actually said…..”

    Let’s make one thing clear right up front. If you get offended by ANYTHING in this post, that’s your fault, all yours.

    And for you people too dense to understand this one very important thing. My opinion, 100% mine, and only mine. I don’t represent anyone but myself here, on facebook, on twitter, anywhere.

    The meme the world decided to rally behind that I posted months ago. The meme that some of you clowns and more of you spineless looking to be offended folks turned into something it was not. Every one of you gutless cowards, when ‘calling me out’ or calling me a racist, every one of you left out the only word in that entire meme that mattered. You had to, otherwise you’d have had to go elsewhere to find offense and create something out of nothing. Let me help you now. All of you fraudulent media folks, you lazy ass “don’t actually want to work for a story” clowns. The word you left out? the ONLY word that mattered? EXTREMIST. That word being omitted creates two completely different posts with two very different meanings. I don’t dislike or hate Muslims, or people of the Islamic faith. Ask my friends that are both. But then again you all knew that, but when you omit the word extremist you create a person that doesn’t exist and have a story with traction, even if it is a complete lie.
    This latest brew ha ha is beyond hilarious. I didn’t post that ugly looking picture. I made a comment about the basic functionality of mens and womens restrooms, period.

    See here’s the thing. I do NOT care what color you are, what race, what sex, who you sleep with, what you wear. I don’t care and I never have. I have opinions, but they’re just that, opinions. And opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one and they usually stink.

    You know how I know you ‘offended’ people are full of crap? Because I’m not even close to any of the things you so desperately want me to be, so you can whine.

  11. I’m curious, how do you feel about guns? What do you think of gun owners?

  12. Whatever happen to freedom of speech.espn was wrong to fire curt schilling.what law has he broken ? The answer is none. He just gave his opinion like all the transgenders do about us christians.and they say snything.snd they want about christians a lot that we could say is offensive,and nothing is said or done to them.why the double standard ? I know u have no answer espn and all you corporations who discriminate against only christians,freedom of expression by criticizing or firing us unjustly.while at the same time u protect and defend Muslims freedom of expression,and protect homosexuals and lesbians,and transgenders and u always leave christians out to dry ,and care nothing about there rights.while it was Muslims who cut off the head of Christians and nothing was done about if a Christian had done that to Muslims ,espn along with all the other sports and news stations would still be talking about it along with a Muslim outcry for justice and espn would be having a whole show probably backing the Muslims and having Muslims call ins for ratings and to bash christians.curt schilling is a christian,who was unjustly fired,for just giving his opinion.we saw similar criticism of a miss America christian woman who gave honest answer to a question she was asked if she believed in same sex marriage.miss America said no,and stated marriage has always been between a man and woman,and said that’s what she believed.and Miss America got criticized and harassed for it.i say that’s totally wrong and disrespectful to her.and the list goes on and on about the thosands of Christians in America that continue to be discriminated against,by espn and news stations,TV shows, in sitcoms,on movie sets,on talk shows,etc.but as sure as God is God, they all will have to answer to him for there injustice to Curt Schilling and all christians.and all u people who agree with espn s decision to fire Curt Schilling,you are all wrong and just as bad as espn with your warped and hyprocital,and double standard self.

  13. Lol, freedom of speech out the window for something that he didn’t say about these people. The states the laws were pathetic, not the people. Get it straight.

  14. Sad. Very sad , !!!!!!!

  15. “Be yourself and voice your opinions and no one can say you’re wrong!!”

    Unless it’s against the social norm, then you’ll be punished… Oh the hypocrisy.

  16. I agree with Schilling. There is no such thing as trans….just a moron who wasted time and money on needless plastic surgery. A male is XY and a female is XX. This you can never change.

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