It’s official, the GOP’s new trans policy: Lift Up Your Skirt And Show Us Your Genitals!

Reince Priebus rncLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — The Republican National Committee earlier this year quietly approved a resolution backing the many anti-transgender “bathroom bills” being proposed by state legislatures across the country. This resolution in effect, gives the Republicans legislators the official go ahead to turn these proposals into law with the GOP’s blessing.

The Human Rights Commission notes there are 44 anti-trans proposals in various forms being considered this year.  One has already reached a governor’s desk for approval — South Dakota. If the governor doesn’t veto it, it automatically becomes law. The deadline for a veto is Tuesday. The leaders of the trans community are on site in SD hoping to encourage Governor Dennis Daugaard to veto the bill. He is a Republican in his second term and unable to run for governor again — well positioned to do the right thing.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus approved the anti-trans policy, citing, among other things, governmental overreach, gender is identified at birth, and a need to protect “student privacy.” They also claim the Department of Education is wrongly interpreting Title IX.

Excerpt from the resolution: “The Republican National Committee encourages state legislatures to enact laws that protect student privacy and limit the use of restrooms, locker rooms and similar facilities to members of the sex to whom the facility is designated.”

The resolution surfaced this week by Time Magazine’s Zeke Miller. The Washington Blade and The Advocate quickly followed up on the revelation.

National Center for Transgender Equality’s Mara Keisling: “By targeting children who are already vulnerable to bullying and harassment, the RNC is dragging trans children into their culture war and embroiling states in costly and divisive litigation, all to solve a nonexistent problem.”

Democratic National Committee’s TJ Helmstetter:  “The Republican Party wants to keep government so small it can fit in the bathroom stall with you to check your anatomy. Their hypocrisy and bigotry know no bounds. . .”


There you have it folks, GOP-sanctioned transgender hate. We’re not talking about a few nutty legislators anymore, it’s the ENTIRE Republican party.

On a related note, Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner are running PR spots encouraging Gov. Daugaard to veto the bill. I wonder Jenner thinks of the RNC’s actions?

HRC Report:

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  1. The GOP is very good at trying to solve problems that don’t exist. They get their playbook from an age when it was actually believed fire and brimstone smashed town was actually sent via the wrath of some higher being for the mere crime of 2 human creatures with the same equipment loving each other. Afterwards, it became customary to throw people into an orifice description camp out of fear it may happen again and to write a little book about it. As time went on, various readers and believers of said book terrorized an otherwise carefree ancient world by forcing it to comply with its views or die. (Or be labeled a degenerate for not going with “our views”). And time marched on and their “views” became forced mainstream by tyrants following said book to categorize the world, while simultaneous progression occurs despite it. Bringing us to these times, we are now wiggling out of these ancient constraints and the weakest that think they are the strongest wants no part of it.

    • The GOP party better know that EVERONE is subject to having to show their genitals. Including them. And BTW many post op trans people are almost impossible to find especially when a cis person doesn’t know what they are looking at. To make this no discriminatory EVERYONE has to do it. And there are some cis people who just might fail that test too. Remember passing a law is one thing. enforcing it is another.

  2. Look under my skirt and you will get a bullet to the face. 😡 That is a down right invasion of privacy and considered sexual assault. I will drag your ass to court. And if you are expecting me to use the men’s restroom you have another thing coming. I’m not risking my life for the sake of bladder relief. I will squat between the restroom and pee right there on the floor to make my point. By all means you can hold my panties until I’m finished.

  3. This is the GOPs attempt to woo middle of the road democrats to their side. You think they’re not doing this to garner votes. I read the message boards of democrat feminists and they applaud this measure. According to them “no surgery = no access”. This isn’t solely a republican doing, it is a societal issue. How many people are raising a stink about these measures? Hardly anyone. You think if people told their representatives en mass that they don’t approve these measures that they would pass? Of course they wouldn’t .

  4. So if we tuck and lifted up

  5. It didn’t take them long to show their true colors by reinstating slavery.
    Forget habeas corpus, the State now owns your genitals.

    The fear mongers who use it show irrefutably that they can’t trust their own children and so blame others rather than take responsibility. It is they who shouldn’t be allowed in schools, “politics”, or PUBLIC restrooms due to their fiscal irresponsibility for the products they force on an unwitting and uninformed public. It is THEY, believing and promoting that they and others won’t suffer the consequences of their actions and lack of them, who are “destroying the country” with the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals, and it’s evident that:
    They are using the same fear response and useless disease avoidance that made towns close their doors to outsiders when polio spread;
    They are using the disgust, paranoia, and hate of already chemically brain damaged antisocials to cover their actions, thus hiding their culpability in the true causes of intersex conditions;
    They will stop at nothing.
    The difference is that something was done about the cause of polio rather than spreading it and EDCs are already in their towns and will be in their children.

    I don’t trust republicans whose sole motivation is profiteering. Having been told by an employee of the local head of their party that he was double-billing the elderly because his wife wanted to go to Hawaii, I don’t trust liars and thieves. His office also tried to double bill me. If that’s the best they can do for a “public servant”, the public needs to know about it.
    To show why some of us who know the truth are incredulous, I’d like to ask one of the one third of “commentors” who posted trans hate at Yahoo’s story about the first US uterine transplant why his delusion of a “liberal media” isn’t reporting this from Judy Chiasson, Program Coordinator for Human Relations at the Los Angeles Unified School District:
    “We treat our transgender students — our boys, our transgender boys and girls — simply like any other boys and girls with the same rights and responsibilities, rules, and obligations.
    In the eight years that we’ve had our policy we’ve not had any problems. On the contrary, it has solved many problems. It’s a nonissue on our campuses. Our transgender students use the bathrooms for the same reasons as everybody else. They do their business, fix their hair and make-up, and gossip with friends.
    So when we instituted this policy we had no idea how many students that this would effect. In 2011, we conducted a survey in conjunction with the YRBS, the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, and we learned that point-five percent of our students self-identified as transgender. In a district of our size, that’s about thirty-five-hundred students. We were shocked. We had no idea that we had that many transgender students.
    For most of them, this is their private secret. But, we want them to know that we’re here for them whenever they’re ready.”

    Better still I’d like to know why this got a “media blackout”:
    Apparently Barney “You Don’t Need Rights” Franks didn’t think it was politically useful to let people know they were having children raped out of patriotism.

  6. As a cis woman, anyone who questions mine, better be prepared to have theirs hanging from the pointed end of my Jimmy Choo pump!

    • I think the guy who created this bill should be the first to show his genitals. If you can find them. If they are worried about some trans person molesting someone(this has never ever happened) , have a bathroom monitor sit outside the stalls an stop any issue that comes up. this shouldn’t be rocket science.
      To make this law non discriminatory everyone has o drop their pants. For what? To keep trans people from peeing in their desired bathroom in which they identify? Better check everyone! Can’t let one of us ttranspeople go pee. That would be terrible if that happens!

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  8. If anything remotely close to this bill passes in Arizona, I hope the enforcers of this law are prepared to deal with the fallout! I have experienced having to show the I.D. inside my boxers in jail once on a three day stay (My First &Last) in Anaheim, California and I said then that I would never do that again. To me, It didn’t make sense because I identified myself as a pre-op transgender male and they still needed to see my equipment.

  9. Well, then. We should likewise institute a law stating that we can check between the ears of these government officials before letting them take office.

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