My selection for the Democrat presidential nominee in 2016 is . . .

sanders clintonLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — My selection: Secretary Hillary Clinton. This is a strategic decision that would most likely result in maximum damage to the GOP on election day in November — curtailing their ability to create obstruction, logjam and chaos in Congress — something they said they would do, and have done, since they took Congressional power in 2010. And they’re doing it right now with the death of Justice Scalia. Clinton’s election likely would be the stake in the heart of the GOP — returning it to the hands of moderates, with the tea party finished — the chaotic and divisive voices silenced.

Senator Bernie Sanders, in a perfect world, would be my choice for the top spot on the ballot. Ideologically, I align with him on issues more than Secy. Clinton. But we don’t live in a perfect world. Sander’s utopia is at least a generation away — it’s coming, but history shows it won’t occur in 2016. Mitch McConnell will still be in the Senate and continue to do what he’s done for the last 6 years — obstruction, logjams and chaos. And the House? Likely to keep trying to appeal Obamacare  and little else. Millennials need to start getting themselves elected to Congress for Sanders’ ideals to become reality. I really look forward to this.

A ticket with Secy. Clinton at the top will switch more seats to Democrats than Sanders could ever possibly hope for. The Democrats may gain control of the Senate, and with luck, the House, resulting in a total destruction of the Republican party. If there’s ever a person qualified to deal with GOP mudslinging, obstruction and chaos that’s likely to follow in the immediate aftermath, it’s Clinton. She’s been handling this for 30 years. 

And finally, the number one reason we elect presidents — they fill vacant seats in the Supreme Court. The likely increase in the number of Democratic seats in Congress from a Clinton leading ticket gives her more leeway with a selection(s) — a much stronger hand than Obama has now. A number of allies on the bench are in fair health and/or wish to retire. A crushing blow to the GOP on election day will allow the Democrats to set the Supreme Court scale towards the left for decades. Hillary Clinton is the one holding a huge sledge hammer to ensure this is done.


Disagree? There’s no need to quibble. If you like Sanders, by all means, vote for him. If you’re looking to give the GOP a crushing blow, vote for Hillary. If you must vote for a Republican, vote for Trump. Your decision.

t/h Monica Roberts (for the idea to do this article)

sanders clinton

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  1. I am preferring because I tired of selecting the lesser of evils and old politics. I predict that Hillary will go back toward right when and if she gets nominated. The system is broken in both parties and the first to smarten will be the future. Hilary’s husband’s changes in the party have outlived their usefulness.

  2. Sorry for the anonymous post but this is Michelle Gould here and above. I am currently fighting ATT to regin my email

  3. Hi Lexie, the only flaw of your thinking is (in my eyes): Even if she wins the nomination, she won’t win the election. She can’t mobilise because she aint have a story/narrative.

  4. Secretary Hillary Clinton great accomplishments in life. Being born into a rich family. Getting had the old-fashioned marry well. Man who became governor then president . That’s surely getting ahead the old-fashioned way. As Secretary of State
    we all remember that reset button with Russia. How’s that working out. Taking down Libya government. American murdered now good part of Libya controlled by Isys. Well done Secretary Hillary Clinton. Abandoning Iraq after all the experts said it would fall apart if we left to soon. Receiving hundreds of millions Dollars to Clinton foundation. You can say that the woman done well. For Hillary where for the country??

  5. I do recognize your logic, But either candidate will deal a serious blow to the GOP. I think you might underestimate Bernie. My biggest worry is HRC’s corporate alignment and even in a mere four more years, the middle class just may be too starved to save. IMHO.

  6. I tend to agree with your pragmatic view of the situation. My Bernie friends have been chipping away at my confidence that this is the most effective action for a minority group such as we are. Bernie may be more liberal, but the big view includes how effective he may be in the office of president. I grin at the thought of the calamity that might occur as a Republican response to Clinton gaining the office. M.

  7. I agree completely with what you are saying here. I would hope that a colander full of wilted lettuce could beat Trump but that would be ignoring the track record of stupidity from the American voters. The use of “democrat party” instead of democratic party, is using a pejorative developed by right wing marketing in the 40s. They decided that being democratic was a positive thing and they didn’t want positive feelings or positive ideas being associated with their opposition. ❤

  8. In the polling, Clinton only beats Trump in a general election. Sanders beats all Republicans in the polls.

    If you want a guaranteed Dem landslide, Sanders is your guy

  9. Great thinking Lexi,

    My original choice for president was Bernie Sanders. When there was a local Sanders event, I signed up, and communicated with the organizer the night before. When the event was to take place, the organizer, and I agreed to meet at a certain spot. I arrived a few minutes early, and described what I was wearing. As soon as she saw me, the event canceled. I am not-white, and my name is Arab–probably too different from the average Bernie supporter. What she didn’t know is that I am also a college student. In most of the photos I see with Bernie Sanders, his constituents seem to be white Americans. Vermont is far from the most integrated state in this country, but that is no excuse for a lack of diversity in a U.S. Presidential campaign. There are Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, and many other “ethnic” people in the U.S. that vote. After this disappointment, I shifted my focus to HRC.

    • Sorry, “Lexi” should have been “Lexie.”

    • Clinton may walk the walk, but Sanders has always talked the talk.

      Just look at their voting records; Sanders has consistently supported civil rights for all, whereas Clinton almost only helps people when it’s politically expedient to do so (i.e LGBT rights)

  10. The landscape of past presidents have been a litter of rational choices .. What followed were presidents compromising their electoral commitments… HlllRy’s past is littered with dust and bodies.. The past matters, and the present matters when casting a vote for my future and the future of my children…
    BTW, Western Illinois University, the only entity that’s predicted every single presidential election with 100 percent accuracy since 1975, just announced that its mock election sent Sen. Sanders and Martin O’Malley (D-Md.) to the White House in 2016 as President and Vice President, respectively….. Even with the lead Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) has in the polls, Senator Bernie Sanders has continued to garner support from small donors at an historical pace not seen in any previous election – even President Obama’s election, which held the previous record.”

  11. What we need is a person who reflects the general wishes of the 98% Occupy. To put a status quo person to snuggle with corporate skullduggery, will further damage America. But make no mistake about it, the President needs to be a BULLDOG and the Republigoon Congress needs a Democratic lawn mower to clean house.

  12. Polls currently indicate Bernie would beat any republican nominee, by a wider margin than Hillary. And she only began to support lgbt rights when it became advantageous to her political career. She is extremely corrupt and will betray her supporters.

  13. I. believe Bernie , is our best hope

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