Justice Antonin Scalia is dead; Our long national nightmare is over!

scalia deadLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Yes, I’m quoting Gerald R. Ford here because Scalia’s death impacts our country in the same way as did the resignation of Richard M. Nixon. I don’t take joy in learning about someone’s death, but appointments to the Supreme Court are for life. It takes a death to celebrate a change in the direction of the court, so I’m not going to apologize for that.

Scalia: “If we protect gays, why not child molesters?”

The celebrating is not just for trans/LBGT people — a wide swath of Americans were negatively affected by the views of Scalia — black, poor, women, you name it — the list is long. The ONLY people that stood to gain if Scalia had his way were old white men. And bigots. And now their champion is dead.

The Supreme Court is the ultimate arbitrator of, among other things, all laws passed in the United States. And we’ve seen they also decide elections and turn corporations into people sometimes. Bathroom Bills? They’ll ultimately decide those, too.

Which brings me to this point — the importance of voting. As we will see in the days ahead, selecting a replacement is no easy task — the Republicans have a say in the matter as Democrats don’t control Congress. As this drama unfolds, it should become more and more clear that ultimately, we’re picking our presidents for the job of appointing Supreme Court Justices. In the grand scheme of things, everything else is secondary — Reagan’s real legacy was Scalia, and he didn’t die off until yesterday — 28 years after Reagan left office.

Lets not become unglued over Democrat party squabbles — just vote for one or the other, then in November, show up on election day and help return Congress back to the Democrats — there are 4 other justices on the court that are not so quite aligned with us — and that needs fixing.


The following are links to some of Scalia’s LGBT misdeeds:





scalia dead

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  1. He needs to be buried with a 21 fart salute. They ‘ll have to fumigate his chair.

  2. Lexi, you are awesome. You spoke on the death of Scalia and how his decisions affected many. Yet you did so respectfully. Yes, celebrating a death is somewhat uncool but you did so celebrating the possibility of changes forthcoming and reminding your readers to get out and vote for change.

  3. Scalia was a corrupt judge. He also exhibited flawed thinking and poor reasoning. He doesn’t deserve my sympathy any more than a common crook would. His poor decisions did bring misery to many people in the US. I only hope that Obama can pick a new judge bring a healthy and fair balance to the Supreme Court

    • There was nothing corrupt about him except his opinion were different than yours.

      • ….And apparently his opinion was well involved with corporate America. ..And he loved to champion against human rights. …And there are many more who share my opinion than yours, Anonymous. …And that’s obviously why you choose to hide behind the name Anonymous.

  4. You are celebrating for no reason. Obama is not going to be allowed. To a point anybody to the Supreme Court. The Republican control Congress that will wait for the next president. Hillary Clinton has a better chance of getting in the big house then she does the White House. And should already be there if Obama was not protecting her. And Sanders the Marxist dog who spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union. When they were persecuting the people of Russia and Eastern Europe. They were saying homosexuality was an evil capitalist disease.

  5. You took the words out of my mouth!
    He was someone who thought the Constitution should be followed word for word. This means he should get to work on a horse, he had slaves, his wife did the wash in the river and he never had a telephone. What an asshole! And how many have and will suffer because of his decisions for a long time.
    Thank You

  6. No loss
    A catholic only by name
    I’m not a literary major but his written rulings and dissensions are difficult for the average American to read or hear once ,and understand.
    He flew his fat ass off to a rich mans hunting retreat and died.
    I wonder if it’s the same place Cheney shot someone in the face.
    Let the good times roll and I read about Cheneys expiration tomorrow.

  7. Very nicely put Lexie, could not have said it any better!!


  1. Justice Antonin Scalia is dead; Our long national nightmare is over! | Ausländerin Korsetts

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