‘Trans bathroom predator’ lies thoroughly debunked; Share the findings with community leaders

roger-gannam liberty counselLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Proponents of “Bathroom Bills” are primarily using a “predator-in-a-dress” fear mongering tactic to scare parents and citizens into supporting anti-transgender legislation — something many would not otherwise support had they known they were being lied to.

Here’s a typical comment — by Roger Gannam of trans-hate group Liberty Counsel in opposition to a proposed trans equality ordinance for Jacksonville, Florida:

“Most insidiously, male predators will use the legal cover of female “identity” to gain unchallenged access to women-only bathrooms and dressing rooms.”

Media Matters, a media watch group, researched other Florida communities that adopted similar trans/LGBT equality laws to see if there was any truth to the predator claim. They asked of local officials if the LGBT non-discrimination ordinance resulted in increased sexual assault or rape in women’s restrooms or if they’ve seen any examples of a man pretending to be transgender in order to sneak into a women’s public restroom?

The findings:

Atlantic Beach city manager: “. . . no activities such as those you describe below have occurred in Atlantic Beach.”

Atlantic Beach police department: “. . . we have not had any reports of this occurring.”

Broward County Attorney’s office: “. . . I am unaware of any incidents, as you describe . . .”

Dunedin director of human resources: “. . . there have not been any complaints or reports of sexual assault . . .”

Gulfport mayor: “[S]ince passing the human rights ordinance, we have not detected any of the problems that you mentioned . . .”

Gulfport police chief: “We have received no complaints of the nature you have described . . .”

Gainesville police spokesperson: “I have asked around, and none of us can remember any incidents related to the ordinance.  I have been with GPD since 2005 . . .”

Miami-Dade County’s mayor’s office: “. . . Miami-Dade County has not experienced an increase in sexual assaults or rape in women’s restrooms since the passing of the new ordinance or as a result of it. Nor do we have any knowledge of men pretending to be women to enter women’s restrooms.”

Miami-Dade County police: “. . . we do not have any crimes indicated that pertain to the requested information.”

Monroe County domestic abuse shelter: “. . . it does not appear that Monroe County’s LGBT non-discrimination ordinance has resulted in increased sexual assault or rape being experienced in women’s restrooms.”

Orange County sheriff: “. . . regarding your question, as to:   1. “… increased sexual assault or rape in women’s restrooms?” No.   2. “Has Orange County seen any examples of a man pretending to be transgender in order to sneak into a women’s public restroom?” No.”

Orlando police spokesperson: “I asked our sex crimes division and they do not have any reported incidents.”

Palm Beach County sheriff: “We have not experienced a problem with anyone being sexual assaulted or raped in a women’s restroom . . .”

Palm Beach County victim services unit: “[W]e are not aware of any increase of rape in women’s restrooms and we are not aware of any man pretending to be transgender in order to sneak into a women’s public restroom.”

Palm Beach County assistant county administrator: “. . . Palm Beach County government has not experienced any incidents of the type that you inquired about . . .”

Media Matters also reports that similar findings was the result of research in 15 other states as well as in a number of cities in Texas.


The evidence is overwhelming, but opponents of trans equality will continue to make bald-faced lies. Instead, present this research evidence to community leaders and citizens of the locales targeted by hate-groups.

A number of states are once again proposing Bathroom Bills, including Indiana: https://lexiecannes.com/2015/12/26/first-2016-bathroom-cop-surfaces-positive-trans-progress-in-nyc-nc-and-california/

Full Media Matters’ research: http://www.mediamatters.org/research/2016/01/12/florida-experts-debunk-the-transgender-bathroom/207916

UPDATE Feb. 28, 2016 — GLAAD put out this for reporters:

Debunking the ‘Bathroom Bill’ Myth – Accurate Reporting on LGBT Nondiscrimination: A Guide for Journalists: http://www.glaad.org/publications/debunking-the-bathroom-bill-myth

roger-gannam liberty counsel

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25 replies

  1. Thank you for this collection of fact debunking the fearmongering haters.

  2. He’s nothing more than a racist prude. Remember a time when black people weren’t allowed to ride in the “white” section of the bus or allowed to drink from “white” water fountains…hate for the transgender community is no different from hate of color…its all hate and it should not be tolerated.

  3. This is great solid reporting of the facts.

  4. Media matters did not list Pinellas County’s ordinance which has been in place for just under a year and is a broad rights ordnance with no incidents.

    • The county probably did not respond to their inquiry. Thanks for your comments.

      • Two of the cities,Dunedin and Gulfport, in Pinellas County are listed and they have had the equality for longer than the county. This major city in the county, Saint Petersburg had two openly lesbians elected to the City Council. This grass roots are working in the county.

  5. Since transgender people are something that the general public know very little or nothing about it is easy to lie about them. It is a dangerous thing when politicians like LEXIE CANNES can use such lies to gain credibility because once he becomes an accepted witch hunt leader it becomes easier for him to bestow even greater wrongs on society. Adolph Hitler began the same way. If you can get the people behind you in a hate campaign they will follow you into areas they know are wrong.

  6. lexi, we’re going to need this an a LOT more here in Virginia ! Bob marshall has 9 bills aimed just at transgender people alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have volunteered to be a part of a lobbying effort 2-9-2016 .

  7. The entire state of Vermont is a good example as well. Since passing anti-discrimination legislation in 2007 there have been no such transgender related incidents reported.

  8. If you’re a male sexual predator… Are you going to put on a dress, and infiltrate a women’s bathroom, commit a violent act, then claim a right to be in the bathroom because you are trans? Like that is going to shield you from prosecution? Absurd. No, you’re going to wear a ski mask and wait for your prey to leave.

  9. There is a case in Canada where a predator did pretend to be transgender to gain access to women’s shelters where he did assault women. This guy is now in prison and declared a dangerous offender which means he will never draw another breath as a free man. Gender identity protections did nothing for him.

  10. Reblogged this on EmmaJoy53 and commented:
    Thank you, Lexie, for researching and exposing this lie.

  11. How about we stop pooping with other people? The whole shared bathroom concept is disgusting as hell

  12. Just because you are transgender, doesn’t mean you always look it! My granddaughter is transgender but she still looks like a girl. For that reason I think shared bathrooms are wrong! They need to make a bathroom in every public place that allows everyone. Then anyone can use that one! Problem solved! If you are transgender or hate waiting in long lines, you can go there.
    But, to say they have not had problems with rape crimes in bathrooms before, well, bathrooms weren’t openly shared before! If we are going to be forced to share them now—-let’s see what the future holds later on!!!!


  1. A bestiary of bathroom bigotry | fae rising

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