Anti-trans hate group book banning tactic keep backfiring — Jazz’s book gets wider exposure

jazz jennings i amLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Back in November, a noted hate-group filed a lawsuit to prevent a Wisconsin school, the Mount Horeb Primary Center, from using trans youth advocate Jazz Jennings’ book “I Am Jazz” at the school.

The community’s immediate response to the action by the religious extremist group, Liberty Counsel, was to hold a public reading of “I Am Jazz” of which 600 attended. The school board shortly thereafter adopted a pro-trans student measure.

Now comes word that Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation’s Welcoming Schools program is on track to host public readings of Jazz Jennings book in eight states. The HRC has also created a guide for educators and community leaders to host their own public reading.

HRC’s Mary Beth Maxwell: “Mount Horeb parents and school leaders acted with courage and showed that love, indeed, conquers hate. Today, in communities across the country, people are standing up and supporting the full humanity of transgender children and youth by lifting up the values of respect, compassion and love. They are helping all of our children thrive, and become better human beings for a better tomorrow.”

Jazz Jennings is scheduled to speak at the HRC’s Time to THRIVE conference next month in Texas. The conference will feature the Mount Horeb community’s story of support for the young trans student in their community.


Jazz Jennings has been an amazing asset for our community and a trans role model bar none for trans youth!

Mount Horeb lawsuit:

Jazz talks about the HRC’s “I Am Jazz” reading program:

HRC’s Guide for holding your own reading event:

HRC news release:

jazz jennings i am

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