Bernie Sanders mows down anti-transgender Trump supporter

donald trump trans hateLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — While Bernie Sanders was speaking during a rally on January 2, a unidentified man wearing a Trump t-shirt shouted “shame on you Bernie” while holding up a sign that read, misspelled of course, “Obama is as Cristain as Bruce Jenner is a woman.”

Sanders’ reply: “Here’s a Trump supporter worried about Mr Trump’s money.”

With the crowd chanting “Bernie, Bernie,” the man was escorted out of the room without incident at the University of Massachusetts where the event was being held.


It is painfully apparent transgender people were the go-to target-of-mocking this heckler attempted to score political points* with before getting ripped by Sanders.

(* recruiting illiterate transphobic white voters for the Trump camp.)


At this point the heckler is unidentified. If anyone knows the identity of this man, please post it in the comments section so I can update the article and tag the name.

donald trump trans hate

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19 replies

  1. I dunno, Lexie. Do you really want to give this bullet-headed evolutionary mistake the attention he craves? Sure, he’ll be flamed to a crisp if his identity goes viral, but I think he wants that so he can spew more venom directly back at trans folk. You can’t shame a bully. Rather, it’s best not to give him anything to bully at all.

  2. I’m kind of strong on holding people accountable for their actions, even if the results may not exactly be what I’d like to have happen. If I didn’t have this urge to do this, this blog wouldn’t exist in the first place. 🙂

  3. Interesting repercussions happen when things spread around the net… I was just looking at an article (you very likely may have seen) where a protester was ridiculing a black person filming him at a protest, inferring he was a monkey. Well, apparently it’s said that protester’s employer saw that, and fired him. Karma’s a bitch. When people ridicule a person or identifiable group, they risk having people sympathise with those being wronged.

  4. It’s just another no-necked conservative bullet head.

  5. I find Trump sickening disgusting. But I’ve never heard him say anything against transgender’s are homosexuals.
    If he did show me where. But Bernie Sanders to me in the Marxist dog. Will support any group to get power.
    If you look at his history like . His honeymoon in Soviet Union when they were persecuting gays.
    Saying homosexuality was a capitalist disease., PS anybody can put on a Trump T-shirt.

  6. It is a pity, really, that some people feel that a person’s reproductive plumbing defines who they are. I really do feel sorry for them. It speaks volumes about their sense of self and where they are on the spiritual growth spectrum.

  7. im so surprised that the face of trans-hate is that of a bearded nasty hillbilly redneck Duck Dynasty cast wanna be.. jeez..ickkk

  8. What many of you don’t see, I as a transwoman & Vermonter is contrary to Bernie’s rhetoric. Before this campaign began Bernie for many years has had a session called Breakfast with Bernie. Now my comments do no reflect support for Trump or any candidate to date. I will say Bernie is pandering, as he in his Thursday BwB often would defect or ignore questions posed to him regarding LGBT rights, until this campaign began. We must bear in mind as mindful people of any orientation when politicos begin their campaigns they will tell many people, groups etc. what they want to hear. The truth is Bernie is a minimalist when it comes to LGBT rights. You will often find hecklers at these rallies and it is up to you to determine whether they are planted to skew your views and make the candidate look better to a particular group or not. That is not to say this is the case in referring to this article. It is simply a reminder to be mindful of these types of tactics.

  9. It seems to be repeated over and again. The oppressed become the oppressor. I can hardly wait till the indigenous, transgender handicapped veterans take charge. Then maybe we would see this opposite of that group crying foul.

  10. (transphobic comment deleted.)

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