FOX News fanatic brandishing an automatic weapon terrorizes trans man

Benedetto-DeFranciscoLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — ISIS fear-mongering on FOX News prompts an angry wife’s husband to confront a trans man and accuse him at gun point of being a member of ISIS: “I know what you’re doing, motherfucker. You’re scaring my wife — get out of here.”

The trans man, Benedetto DeFrancisco of the Chicago area, was walking to work in November when he was threatened by William Jackson who waved a semi-automatic pistol at him. DeFrancisco calmly walked away and called 911. Jackson was charged with aggravated assault.

According to Windy City News, DeFrancisco was told by police that Jackson and his wife were regular FOX News viewers and the constant ISIS terrorist fear mongering lead them to believe DeFrancisco looked like an ISIS member.

DeFrancisco according to Raw Story: “[Jackson] is not the only person watching Fox News — it’s a toxin and it’s spreading fear, and this fear leads to hatred. . . .”


FOX News is breeding our own homegrown terrorists.

I’ve written about FOX News a number of times about their slanted coverage. Here’s just two:


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  1. I’m getting sick and tired of all the crap that FUX News gets away with telling their viewers. I think it’s about time that FUX management is ordered to appear before a Congressional hearing and charged with malicious propaganda against the general public (But I know that won’t happen because all the Republigoon Congressmen are in cahoots with FUX) The next best thing is to launch a class action lawsuit against FOX for supporting and broadcasting false news to encourage and prod the kooks and idiot numskulls of their viewership to commit extremist acts of terrorism against the public. I say sue the bastards to shut them up.

  2. Damn it, My partner, Tammi, just informed me that FUX was taken to court for spreading false news, and the case was thrown out based on FUX News’ first amendment rights that allow them to broadcast false news. In other words, they have the right to lie.

    • The reason the can is they won a Federal Law suit claiming the were entertainment and could lie in entertainment news which is what news has become on television.

  3. Lexis This story is not about the transgender people’s issues at all. I am referring to the story as presented by RawStory, It is the editorial staff that put the information of the person being transgender in only the headline and the first line of text. This story is only about treatment of those who appear different to those viewers of FOX and is bolstered by their reporting emphasizing the difference. Yes FOX is anti-transgender people’ but it is RawStory sensationalism that has added the transgender person discription to the story. Please stick to the Who What Why When Where and How without adding superfluous facts that have nothing to do with the story.

    • “Please stick to the Who What Why When Where and How without adding superfluous facts that have nothing to do with the story.” Sorry Michelle. I think you are dead wrong. The “Who What Why When Where and How” without adding superfluous facts that have nothing to do with their story should be leveled at FUX. Are you a FUX news pundit?

      • Since the story is not about transgender person and is about another thing a dubious news source like FOX can us it about how transgender people ar just sheep following an word and not rational thought. It is a fact which is not a WWWWW and H of the telling of the story and its being repeated just because of the transgender adjective. FUX focused on being Muslim is evil in this story. Read it please.

  4. FUX and its mouthpieces are murdering their constituents – and making a bundle while doing it – and this is how they do it: “Repetition: The Key to Spreading Lies”

    Why do lackeys from Texas cover up the causes of DSD/intersex conditions? Because between Louisiana and Texas there are 12 major chemical factories. “It’s not TED” Kruz is guilty of mass murder by his lack of due diligence, derelict in his duties as a “public servant”, and though his Il Duce pic would present him as responsible, the latest smear campaign, which will undoubtedly go unretracted by unconfronted conspirators, reveals that they have something to hide.

    One, that both the assassin and M. Akkuse were created by endocrine disrupting pollutants themselves:
    “Importantly, changes in ERa and DNMT expression in the cortex (males) and hypothalamus (females) were associated with DNA methylation changes in the ERa gene. BPA exposure induced persistent, largely sex-specific effects on social and anxiety-like behavior, leading to disruption of sexually dimorphic behaviors. Although postnatal maternal care was altered in mothers treated with BPA during pregnancy, the effects of in utero BPA were not found to be mediated by maternal care.”

    BPA being known to cause hyperactivity and anxiety (13), this makes the entirety of the misled “right wing” nothing but brain-damaged, chemically altered terrorists who will feed their lies to their own offspring and bring about their demise. Or is this not
    a pattern:
    “Prior work demonstrates that patients with damage to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPC) deliver abnormal judgments in response to moral dilemmas, and that these patients are especially impaired in triggering emotional responses to inferred
    or abstract events (e.g., intentions), as opposed to real or actual outcomes.” (1)

    “These findings indicate that, for a selective set of moral dilemmas, the VMPC is critical for normal judgements of right and wrong.” (2)

    “The present study aimed at clarifying whether violent offenders show a general empathy deficit or specific deficits regarding the separate subcomponents.”
    “Data analysis revealed reduced accuracy in violent offenders compared to healthy controls only in emotion recognition, and that a high number of violent assaults was associated with decreased accuracy in perspective taking for angry scenes.” (3)

    “Finally, it has been argued that disgust may also facilitate anxiety and distress across a broad range of psychopathologies through its involvement in more complex human emotions such as shame and guilt, and through its effect as a negative affect
    emotion generating threat-interpretation biases.” (4)

    “Building on this distinction, we present further empirical evidence that moral disgust, in the context of bodily violations, is a relatively primitively appraised moral emotion compared to others such as anger, and also that it is less flexible and less prone to external justifications.” (5)

    “In each case, the results showed that disgust can increase the severity of moral judgments relative to controls. Experiment 4 found that disgust had a different effect on moral judgment than did sadness. In addition, Experiments 2-4 showed that the role of disgust in severity of moral judgments depends on participants’
    sensitivity to their own bodily sensations.” (6)

    “Several recent studies have suggested that pathogen disgust may be a causal mechanism underlying social conservatism.” (7)

    “Psychological theories of obsessions and compulsions have long recognised that strict religious codes and moral standards might promote thought-action fusion (TAF) appraisals.” (8)

    “Sexual and religious obsessions are often grouped together as unacceptable thoughts, symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder hypothesized to be maintained by maladaptive beliefs about the importance and control of thoughts.” (9)

    “Both moral outrage and dehumanization mediated the relationship between perceived harm and severity of punishment.” (10)

    “People who believe they would be bothered by a range of hypothetical disgusting situations display an increased likelihood of displaying right-of-center rather than left-of-center political orientations.” (11)

    However, it’s not all one-sided:
    “We address two questions regarding the relationship between political ideology and responses to threatening or aversive stimuli. The first concerns the reason for the connection between disgust and specific political and moral attitudes; the second
    concerns the observation that some responses to threat (i.e., neuroticism/anxiety) are associated with a more left-wing political orientation.” (12)

    And what they would cover up by their preemptive assault, the biological basis and yet another projected cause of the trans condition:
    “An endocrine disrupting chemical (EDC), bisphenol A (BPA), acts as oestrogen mimic compund. BPA may affect sexual differentiation of brain and cause reversal of differentiation in male to female transsexual as female brain.”
    From Cakeworld, “An endocrine disrupting chemical, bisphenol A: could it be associated with sex differentiation in brain regarding to transsexuality?” 2015, Yurekli et al

    A limited opinion, it would seem:
    “BPA masculinized principal bed nucleus of the stria terminalis TH-ir neuron numbers in females.”
    “At the 2 lowest doses, BPA eliminated sex differences in PVN TH-ir neuron numbers and reversed this sex difference at the highest dose.” (13)

    So mister Crueless is either derelict in his duties, having been part of the Trans Pacific Partnership (along with everyone else, including Obama) where known endocrine disrupting chemicals were proffered to other nations for his monetary benefit and that of others, or he’s stupid and afraid of a fart in church.
    Or he’s just another murdering “pro-lifer”.

    1. “Damage to ventromedial prefrontal cortex impairs judgment of harmful intent”
    2. “Damage to the prefrontal cortex increases utilitarian moral judgements”
    3. “Empathic competencies in violent offenders”
    4. “Disgust: the disease-avoidance emotion and its dysfunctions”
    5. “Bodily moral disgust: what it is, how it is different from anger, and why it is an unreasoned emotion.”
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    13. “A novel model for neuroendocrine toxicology: neurobehavioral effects of BPA exposure in a prosocial species, the prairie vole (Microtus ochrogaster).” (14)
    14. “With the use of a culture system that we developed (fetal testis assay [FeTA]), we previously showed that 10 nmol/L BPA reduces basal testosterone secretion of human fetal testis explants and that the susceptibility to BPA is at least 100-fold
    lower in rat and mouse fetal testes.”
    – From “A new chapter in the bisphenol A story: bisphenol S and bisphenol F are not safe alternatives to this compound.” 2015, Eladak et al

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