Ted Cruz: When in doubt, blame it on the “transgendered!”

ted cruz transLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Who is to blame for the Colorado Planned Parenthood shoot-em-up? By gosh, it has to be the “transgendered” if we’re to believe Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Never mind the juvenile logic fallacy of equating being transgender with committing a crime, uttering a false statement based on dubious, unconfirmed information to make a very public hack-at-the-knees of one of the most marginalized group of people is criminal in itself. Cruz’s short-term elevation came at the expense of more misery, violence and death to transgender people.

Real reporters, in this instance, from the New York Times, looked into Cruz’s claims and found nothing of the sort — not trans, nor a leftist activist. Indeed, the further one looks into the background of the shooter, the closer his ideals reflect those of Cruz himself.

Zach Ford of ThinkProgress sums Cruz’s behavior up:

“Cruz’s claim that Dear [Robert Lewis Dear, the shooter] is transgender mirrors other attempts by conservatives to demonize transgender people. As was most recently seen in the successful effort to defeat Houston’s LGBT nondiscrimination protections, conservatives eagerly spread the myth that transgender people are somehow “dangerous” to women and children. Cruz’s implication that being transgender motivated Dear’s attack relies on the same myth. Transgender people have done nothing to earn such labels — indeed, transgender protections have taken effect across the country with zero impact on the safety of women and children.”


Just when you think the GOP couldn’t go any lower, ugh.

t/h Autumn Sandeen


ted cruz trans

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9 replies

  1. Ted Cruz is without a doubt a certified ASSHOLE. I wish the SOB could get sued for liability. We could use the money.

    • First question, of course, does Cruz have any money? But yeah, if someone gets murdered/hurt as a direct result of Cruz’s statement, a civil case could be brought against him. Winning is another matter. The lawsuit alone could complicate Cruz’s life.

  2. There are those who will believe this c**p. If progressives do not vote to take back this country in 2016 it will be ll over for us. And the LGB won’t be far behind.

  3. This is based only on “Dear’s voter registration, where he is listed as a woman, was uncovered by the Gateway Pundit, a self-described “right-of-center news website.”

  4. He’s such an asswipe! “a transgender leftist activist?” A wonderful title, indeed!


  1. Gov. Christie jokingly equates trans youth access to bathrooms to domestic terrorism | LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS

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