Transphobic man uses dead wife’s 9/11 heroism to publicly smack Caitlyn Jenner

Moira-james-smithLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — James Smith has none of the bravery of that of his late wife, Moira Smith, who was one of the many New York City police officers killed on Sept. 11, 2001. Officer Smith gave her life while trying to save people at the World Trade Center.

James Smith, also a New York City police officer, was so peeved about Glamour magazine’s (yes, Glamour magazine) recent decision to honor Caitlyn Jenner with an award, he went and dug up a 14-year-old award that the same magazine previously gave his wife posthumously and publicly slapped Jenner with it.

James returned the award because he says he was “insulted” and felt the magazine’s decision to honor Jenner was a “slap in the face” to his late wife’s memory.

The fact of the matter is that this is the action of a selfish man using an emotional appeal fallacy to shove his narrow world view down our throats. The world doesn’t revolve around Officer James Smith. To pull a stunt like this makes him a coward. Further, it tarnishes his late wife’s legacy.

This is Glamour magazine people. Everybody that can help sell the magazine is a hero to them.


Update Nov. 17, 2015 — Several people have pointed out that there may be more to this story than initially reported. The word is James may have supported trans people in the past, but doesn’t particularly care for Jenner. Let’s see what develops here. However, I don’t any plausible reason calls for dragging 9/11 into this.

t/h Allyn Grace, Dawn Ennis


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  1. To actually think the award means something other than to sell magazines is absurd. I had no idea they even had an award until the Caitlyn story broke. Capitalism…Anything to sell their product.

  2. It’s his opinion

  3. Not sure if you saw this, don’t think it makes it right for him to dead name Jenner but different spin…:

    James Smith explained to BuzzFeed News the motive behind his letter, saying that he thinks Jenner “trivialized the transgender experience” as he had witnessed it while helping transgender youth in New York City.
    As a police officer in NYC, my precinct covered a shelter for transgendered youth. On several occasions I responded there to take reports or give aid to suicidal youths. I listened to their stories of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Young people thrown out of their houses or fleeing from unlivable conditions. They didn’t have the luxury of being part of the Kardashian circus. They weren’t living in a Malibu Barbie beach house surrounded by what passes for family in Hollywood. They were truly brave people fighting hourly for existence. When Mr. Jenner said the hardest part about being a woman was figuring out what to wear, he proved to me that he is not truly a woman, and had not earned the right to call himself one. He trivialized the transgender experience as I had witnessed it, and he insulted women in general. Glamour honored Laverne Cox last year, and it was a good choice which I applaud. Contrast her story to Jenner’s. I truly believe Jenner’s award was a publicity stunt and cheapens a once prestigious award.
    November 16, 2015 11:11am EST

  4. While I may not agree with Mr. Smith for mis-gendering Caitlyn Jenner, I can’t find any flaws in his logic about returning the award. AS A TRANS WOMAN who claimed her own honesty over 20 years ago, I am offended by the glib manner in which Jenner goes about her daily life. Not only wasn’t I wasn’t insulted by the Malibu Barbie house description; I laughed so hard I almost had a ROTFLMFAO moment.

    ANYONE who claims to lead a normal existence but has/needs in-house cooks, assistants, stylists, makeup artists-in-residence, and free designer clothing, not only absolutely doesn’t represent me but is woefully out of touch with the plight and lives of almost every other trans person alive.

    And the fact that she will still vote Republican says more about her character as a person than her political inclinations. How anyone who claims to be a member of an oppressed class of people and has been exposed to some of the horrors visited upon some of our trans youths could still hold such conservative and obtuse views speaks volumes about what Caitlyn Jenner’s real personality is. I have little regard for her, her words mean nothing compared to her actions, and she is an embarrassment not only to the trans population but to herself as well!

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