Micky Garus is looking to whoop transgender children’s ass!

micky garusLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — A Dallas, Oregon, city councilor condoned violence against trans children earlier this week in a tirade on his personal Facebook page.

Micky Garus was upset about federal authorities finding an Illinois school district decision to keep a trans kid out of the bathroom of their expressed gender in violation of federal law. He then decided to express his hatred of trans children on the internet.

Garus on Facebook according to The Oregonian: “If this ever happens in a school that my kids attend, I’ll be first in line to issue a ass whooping, both to the transgender, and the administration whom failed to protect our children. Wake up America!”

Let’s make it clear here, Garus is talking about whooping the ass of a trans child.

Garus earlier received heat for an anti-American Muslim tirade.

KOIN-TV reports that no official city action is expected to be taken against Garus for either incident because he is not a city employee. People living in the city however, are asking that he resign. Garus told the station he is not going to do that. The station also reports that a petition to recall Garus is underway.


I happened to spot on the KOIN-TV news segment that Micky Garus owns a gun store, American Outdoors, and near the door was a sign that said “Ted Nugent for President”. This pretty much sums everything up, does it not?


A link to the KOIN-TV story was not up at this writing.

micky garus

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14 replies

  1. This makes me thankful for the city councilors we have in Bozeman!

  2. You can’t beat the Trans out of us. YOU can end up in jail for assault and Bubba’s Bitch.

  3. This guy needs to stop wining and withdraw his kid’s from public school and admit them into a private school or a military academy. His real problem is his inability to think outside of the box.

  4. Well, being a glass is half full sort of person I would point out that this creepoid is hater in general and it is not limited just to trans people. On the negative side I assume he’s an elected official which makes him a asshole spokesperson. Awesome.

  5. Meanwhile, Dallas has told the world “We are not Houston”

  6. He wants to protect kids by beating them. He wasn’t just dropped on the head as a baby, it sounds like he bounced a few times too.

  7. MR ass wipe you are a coward an a poor excuse of a man any on would woud assault a child is a wast o r air please don’t let me see u as assault a child or any innocent person bullies are cowards

  8. Stupid people say stupid things to show the world just how stupid they are. Let this blowhard posture, and when the elections role around remind everyone that he advocated giving an ass whooping to a child and replace him with someone else.

  9. don’t you just love the mentality of a phobic hate monger. here let me a big dumb man beat someone’s child for being them self.

  10. You come whup my ass, fat boy! You’ll run crying for momma!

  11. Everyone has a right to their opinion, and I admire this man’s honesty. It takes allot of courage for a pedophile to admit his feelings and that he can’t trust his own children because of the things they make him do. The question is, will he supply another bathroom to go along with the segregated ones at home, or just use the special one?

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