Rocket Man blasts a TERF outta sight; calls for transgender respect

elton john trans terfLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — The guy has made music for almost as long as I’ve been alive, likewise Sir Elton John has been a highly visible LGBT supporter during the same time, especially his involvement in combating AIDS.

I really couldn’t tell though, if he was a solid trans ally, however, he’s erased that doubt most recently by bringing public attention to the plight of transgender prisoners and other trans matters of note. Even with this being the case, I did not expect him to make a very public smack at a noted feminist turned TERF.

He told BBC Newsnight that Germaine Greer’s recent attack on trans people were the actions of an attention seeker living in another century.

Elton John also told the BBC: “We have to have sympathy for [transgender people] and we have to stop the treatment, the barbaric treatment for people like that, especially in prisons. The move towards acceptance of transgender people was accelerating, it’s hurtling along at a good pace. People are accepting transgender people in the mainstream and in the LGBT community.”

I normally ignore TERFs, but when a Knight beheads one, it’s worthy of my time.


As for the TERFs, the uttering of: “Just because you lop off your d**k and then wear a dress doesn’t make you a f***ing woman” is an emotional argument fallacy that puts one in the same class with religious extremists — this is about as far away from the scientific realm one can get. Strange bedfellows.

elton john trans terf

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  1. Speaking of “Strange Bedfellows”, this eponymous article about the haters’ darling, the widely debunked Paul McHugh, deserves wider circulation:
    Washington Times, 2002:

    • Thanks for that Kara!

    • Hi Kara, I believe I saw you trying to fill in the blanks and facts at CNS’s semi-annual “McHugh’s Burning of the Witches” tribute, so you might be interested to know that I communicated there with someone called “Momster” who claimed to not only be new to the net, but an eyewitness who worked with both McHugh and Berlin. She wrote:
      “I can vomit out lots of academic journal, peer reviewed, controlled, double-blind studies that account for differences in the resulting (read:inconvenient) data all day long. I am a FNP-Bc,PMHNP-Bc, with a good bit of time spent in research.”
      “so even if I know the “Scientific Data” that is thrown around sites such as these like so much manure in a pasture, is, in fact, manure, I have that right to disagree.”

      Out of the mouths of babes, huh?

      In the following section she demonstrates the paucity of physiological knowledge at a supposedly professional level that people were subjected to in her time regarding not only early stress and abuse but the trans state as well as neurogenisis. For instance, if you watch Van der Kolk’s presentation “Childhood Trauma, Affect Regulation, and Borderline Personality Disorder”,

      -it shows at 52:50 a dysfunctional insular cortex and anterior cingulate cortex generated by early abuse (Breakdown in Cortical Timing at 43:06 is good too). This would contradict her attitude concerning “hugs” and abuse as determinants of later behavior, and Van der Kolk and others have demonstrated the value of motion-targeted therapy and interventional therapies, just as others have demonstrated food/mood/and activity as causal in neuronal generation. BUT, when you compare this with Tanaka et al’s “Regional cerebral blood flow changes in female to male gender identity disorder” saying “GID subjects had a significant decrease in rCBF in the left anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and a significant increase in the right insula compared to control subjects”, it brings new meaning to their statement “From these findings, useful insights into the biological basis of GID were suggested.”
      -The insula (male-sized in FtM) is in the first case almost completely inactive, but in FtM is highly so. It deals with motion, interoception of body condition/processes such as the visceral area , heart, and lungs regarding suffocation and choking (it’s been demonstrated that a higher amount of gray matter in it increases the ability to guess when one’s next heartbeat will be), and the interpretation of emotional pain. Thus, whereas in common abuse the insula is made inactive, in trans persons known to show PTSD as unabused children that should shut it off, it’s exacerbated, blasting away with emotional pain from it’s hypo-and-thalamically pre-regulated sensing of every cell in a divergent body. That the ACC (motion and sexuality) is limited is due not to relational/social trauma but the same hypo-/thalamic path and its incongruence with a counter body. That the insula’s perception of interior processes such as choking/suffocation is reactive via panic attacks that include difficulty breathing and hyperventilation is without doubt, and the still-larger insula and right putamen in MtF may be part of the reason for differences in rates of suicidality.

      Still, it’s worth a read:
      “You’ve gotten it correct right out of the gate here. Dr. McHugh and his despicable subordinate, Dr. Fred (We-can-cure-pedophilia-sociopathy-psychopathy-with some-understanding-and-compassion) Berlin, who will testify for the right price, that the animal who kidnapped, raped and tortured an eight year old had a difficult childhood, and Daddy didn’t hug him enough. I hate to make light of a horrible situation, but I actually saw him testify on behalf of a defendant so purely evil that I won’t mention his crimes, that he suffered from no less than NINE, count ’em, nine different mental illnesses. While a panel of actually sane and scientifically sound doctors were caught on camera laughing while watching a recording of Berlin giving his testimony. The man he defended was a pure narcissist ( in clinical terms, not pop psychology terms) with a strong anti-social personality disorder, very susceptible to narcissistic injury, a sexual sadist, pedophile and violent fantasies of raping his original (female) defense attorney. That Dr. McHugh was content to allow this slimy continuation of the Catholic Church’s far reaching abuse by failing to report many incidents, renders any statement – medical or otherwise, that he makes highly suspicious. As for the issue at hand here, we will most likely NEVER fully understand the complicated psychological/biological/physiological/environmental factors that cause this condition in people, but that doesn’t mean we stop trying, if only for the sake of finding some patients at least a measure of peace.”

      Having said that, I think this is a less-derogatory and better comportment of the McHugh god syndrome:

      Question: Is there a pool going as to how many people will believe people like “Headless Huntress” and “Terf Hunter” are actually trans rather than TERFs themselves? We know only “patriarchal” oppresioners demand that others be sexy for them or die…

  2. While I understand the sentiment, the image of one believing themselves righteous and beheading someone they deem “evil” really does not conjure forth the most pleasant of feelings. Especially with the word “knight” in here, I am reminded of xenophobes murdering people who are different from them…all the while asserting how righteous they are for being intolerant.
    I do not believe this is not your sentiment, and I don’t quite expect you to do anything, I am merely stating my discomfort at very idea of a knight slaying anything at all.

  3. Yeah! Kill all terfs! You and me, let’s go murder some terfs! I’ll find you, lexie, and we’ll do this together. We’ll be knights!

  4. I lovvvvveee this! I want to see a radical feminist beheaded on TV by elton john! I hope she screams and cries the whole time.

    Also, @lexie, I really love your makeup. You should be giving terfs lessons on how to woman. You clearly got it goin on, girlie! How can they even call themselves women when they look like men? You’re the real thing.

  5. I couldn’t agree more. Real women (transwomen) need to hunt these fake women (ciswomen) down and chop their heads off if they are transphobic. Let’s start a movement. We’ll be the headless huntresses and we can do it parade-style, with a fantastic entourage like the Red Queens we are. Off with their heads!

  6. Strange bedfellows indeed. Thanks for this, Lexie. It cheered me up considering the force behind Houston’s transphobian political ads.

  7. The only good terf is a dead terf.

  8. While I will dissent from Germaine Greer’s quoted sentiment about transition medicine, I will even more adamantly dissent from these images of lethal violence against one who remains a feminist scholar and my sister, even if she might not see me in the same way, at least at the moment.

    One of the greatest achievements of the UK, which I regret my own country has not yet achieved, was the abolition of the death penalty for murder in 1965, an achievement in which many women who were then Members of Parliament share. To answer Greer’s misconceptions with images of judicial or extrajudicial killing is both retrogressive and misogynist: has not the world had enough beheadings, from Henry VIII through some recent and horrible instances in the Middle East?

    If I do not stand up for the humanity of my sister Germaine Greer, whatever her missteps on trans issues, then my silence consents to similar treatment for Caroline Criado-Perez (a great inclusive radical feminist) or myself if someone disagrees the view the two of us share that childhood female socialization is not “cis privilege,” but an oppression.

    As a Second Waver who drew inspiration from the lively literally writings of Germaine Greer during my college years, I say that the only good feminism is one that respects all sisters and prefers reasoned argument and empathy to threats and images of patriarchal violence.

  9. Margo and Meliora, thanks for the comments. Personally, I oppose the death penalty, the headline(s) was more of a pun than something to take literally. When it comes to headline writing during the internet age, it has to stand out to get traffic — otherwise the message gets unread.

  10. Lexie you and me, let’s hunt some terfs. Message me and we’ll meet up.

  11. Seems that the LGBT group has lost sight of a very old axiom and is going out of their way to prove it.

    …………………………………………………..DIVIDE AND CONQUER……………………………………………………….

    …………..Seems many do not understand its simple message and what it implies for them also………….

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