DC-area trans woman likely lured to her death; suspect arrested

Zella ZionaLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Police investigating the death of trans woman Zella Ziona are looking at the possibly she was lured to the location she was killed. Ziona was found shot in the head October 15, 2015 near Gaithersburg, Maryland, which is just outside of Washington, DC.

News reports say police were at the same area a half an hour prior to the shooting to break up a fight among a group of people of which only one person was targeted. Police believe Ziona was that target. The news source wasn’t able to determine how police resolved that conflict.

Rico Hector Leblond has been charged with Ziona’s murder and is being held without bond. Witnesses say Leblond continued firing at Ziona even after she collapsed. Leblond and Ziona knew each other.


Zella Ziona

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  1. When ….when will we be safe and free from persecution. :.( RIP Zella.

  2. That is a very good question. I can’t say for sure but, maybe when the general population stops thinking of us [the transgender community] as expendable, freaks, perverts, or psychos. I have known and do know more than a few transgender people and none of those people fit anywhere in the list I just mentioned. The people I have associated with were and are all fun, caring, intelligent, hard-working people. I just wish that the general population could see this fact.


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