Activist for trans youths target of death threats following state expansion of trans healthcare

jenn burleton transactiveLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Trans woman Jenn Burleton, Executive Director of Portland, Oregon’s TransActive Gender Center, found herself a lightning rod for death threats and other acts of violence following expansion of the state’s health plan to include trans youths.

Earlier this summer, the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) gave trans youth 15 and older access to hormones and surgical options and as the head of an organization that serves trans youth in the state, Burleton became a prime target for vitriol from those opposing OHP’s inclusion of trans youth. 

In a recent post on social media, Burleton pointed out these people were doing more than “expressing an alternate opinion” and shared examples of threats directed at her posted on Facebook:

Mike Thomas (former construction worker at Design Line Custom Builders): “I would say remove that bitch from the face of the earth.”

JD Blackwell (self-employed photographer): “This freak needs to shut the hell up and mind ITS own business. Might get a baseball bat put where IT doesn’t want.”

Henry Long of Blevins, Arkansas: “Get a whip and whip this bitch.”

Michael Phillips of Canton, Texas: “Send that bitch down here in East Texas, I will personally take care of her.”

Donald Nelson of Mercer, Pennsylvania: “If I find this freak talking to my kid their next talk will be with Jesus.”

John Metz of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area (attended Freeport High School in North Port, Florida): “someone needs cut this bitches head off and stick it up her/his ass.”


Burleton responded to a friend that left a supportive comment: “. . . if part of my job is to be the lightning rod at the front of the line so that children and their families are insulated to whatever degree possible, then I take on that role without reservation.” She also said elsewhere in the same thread:I am PRIVILEGED to have the life I lead and do the work I do. Others need help FAR more than I do.”

Burleton stated Facebook responded to the death threats with this: “None of the comments violate our community standards”.


Trans role model extraordinaire, I’d say!

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11 replies

  1. The world abounds with the ignorant, just look at the comments you received. Id personally would like to meet all the haters. Tell them a thing or two

  2. reading the comments above, if Donald Nelson and those other idiots want a war I will give them one. I WILL protect my trans brothers and sisters.

  3. Many trans women havdpe had thee kinds of threats all their lives, including before transition. Many of us were ACTUALLY assaulted on a regular basis y the time we were SIX OR SEVEN YEARS OLD!

    Transgender children often have more frequent and severe health problems as a result of this extreme stress. My book “Living in Stealth : Undercover” dramatizes the experiences and isolation experienced by transgender children as they grow up before transition.

    According to some estimates given by Laura’s Playground, as many as 35% of all transgender children actually kill themselves before they are 30.

    Transgender kids who call such suicide hot lines are more likely to have an effective plan, the means, and have not told parents or loved ones that they were transgender, or planning to kill themselves.

    I wish I had someone like Lexxie and Jenn in my corner when I was younger. TWO of my cousins were transgender and actually killed themselves before they finished puberty, because they couldn’t get support from their families.

  4. These people making threats are the ultimate in ignorance and moral cowardice. They are exemplars of insecure males. Makes you wonder what they are hiding.

  5. If those don’t violate Facebook’s community standards then they don’t have any standards. I’m glad she’s standing up for the kids!

  6. Thanks for the comment everyone!

  7. Donald J Nelson

    John Metz (aka Jay the bud man)

    JD Blackwell (aka James Blackwell)

    Michael Phillips

    (Note: Mod here, I deleted addresses and contact information for these individuals that were posted here. Apparently none of these individuals spoke in an official capacity as a member of an organization, political position or media outlet. However, the fact that their personal contact information was apparently easily found on the internet should give pause to anyone thinking of making threats of violence or death threats on the internet. If any of these people have made additional death threats, please do post links to them. Thank you.)

  8. I have met her, and she even hugged me. I went to visit that center for kids, and they help little tykes to be allowed to dress how they want and go play any gender toys they like with the parents there to chat, just like any kids. Older kids like teens can have mentors and camping and talk about what they want to do about transitioning, and get help with things like binders etc. She is tall but not at all scary. For people down in the South like Texas to write death threats to a lady in Portland, they are wusses and KKK if you ask me. Death threats should be taken seriously, tell the cops/FBI. Facebook is stupid. Want to kill her? Come through me first…I ain’t scared.

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