Keeping your FAA medical certificate valid during transition: A guide for transgender pilots

jessica taylor faa medicalLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Now available is the eagerly awaited step-by-step guide for transgender commercial and airline transport (ATP) pilots to help successfully navigate the path through the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) complicated process for keeping one’s medical certificate valid during transition.

The current process involves a large number of tests, evaluations and specific documents that must be submitted in an orderly time frame. Sometimes the material even gets lost by the FAA or worse, misconstrued, leaving a pilot without a valid medical certificate until things get sorted out — bottom line: no valid medical certificate, no income. Trans pilots in the past have gone many months without pay while trying to get the FAA on board with their transition. These circumstances leaves some with having to leave the profession, or not transition at all.

ATP pilot Jessica Taylor and a number of other transgender pilots who have undergone this process have put together a guide called Transitioning The FAA: Navigating the FAA Aeromedical Office for Transgender Pilots, which if followed, should reduce the sometimes lengthy time period to 2 months.

Some of the steps includes becoming very familiar with gender dysphoria, being proactive in the process, using a consultant and being prepared to intelligently defend yourself.

From the guide:

“Use your professionalism and trustworthiness to build a solid case to present to the FAA. This may seem crazy but the FAA doesn’t want to ground anyone; they just want to make sure whomever is flying is safe to do so. . . . Many people in the air and on the ground look at you for leadership and need to trust you, no matter the condition. With leadership comes great responsibility. The fact you are an airline pilot shows a significant amount of responsibility. You have made it this far, use your amazing career and professional demeanor to your advantage!


Thumbs up to Jessica and everyone involved in putting this guide together!

I previously wrote about Jessica Taylor:

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jessica taylor faa medical

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7 replies

  1. How uplifting to read about one of us who is actually doing something respectable, intelligent and admirable. Someone who is a respectable example. Not some silly little girl or the star of unreality TV who makes us look like a group of unstable lunatics.

  2. I am a Rescue helicopter pilot for TEXAS RESCUE when i am back over in the states and its a shame to think that the FAA would judge me for whom i was as iam not transgender but i am live my life as a Intersex Female but i am happy saving lives as i treat it as a hobby some times but i would never ever like the issue that the FAA could block out any person who has a gender different than male nor female as thats so wrong of our society of today as i also do heli fire too to save USA from all burning up as i love USA and the people as they are better than most other nations to live with

  3. Transgender is just another way for people to sue for harassment and discrimination. Just look at all the lawsuits coming from these wackos..


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