Employer to new transgender employee on her first day: What are you? What’s in your pants?

jessi dye splc eeocLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — And when Jessi Dye informed the Alabama employer she was a trans woman, she was fired and told to leave the building. Dye asked the senior official if she was being fired because she was transgender and the answer was a confirmation.

That was nearly a year ago. However, in March, with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Dye filed a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Now comes news that her former employer Summerford Nursing Home Inc., has agreed to a cash settlement with Dye and will adopt a new anti-discrimination policy and the official who fired Dye will undergo SPLC training.

Dye: “I hope by taking a stand about what happened to me, it will help others in the LGBT community realize they have a right to equal treatment.”

SPLC’s Sam Wolfe: “The nursing home has done the right thing by resolving this case short of federal litigation . . . no one should lose her job simply because she is transgender or because of some other aspect of who she is that has no bearing on job performance.”


Thumbs up to the SPLC and congrats to Jessi. Some news reports say the cash was sizable, which is fair, because not only her former employer called her a “what”, they also inquired about her sex and physical anatomy before firing her.


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Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/courtney-odonnell/

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  1. Two thumbs way up for Jessie. In a way she can thank that person for firing her, he and company he works for just took care of her for a very long time.

  2. Well, the awards for such cases usually amount to a year’s pay minus the unemployment wages she received while she was unemployed for the year, hardly helps towards future unemployment she may face until she finally gets a job. Then there’s the resume blank that makes her have to explain to the next potential employer why she was fired in the first place and also introduces an employer viewed liability that she might sue them as well if they hire her.

    • You are right in some cases, but Ive personally know about a case where a woman sued a supermarket chain she worked for on charges of sexual discrimination. She was awarded over 1 million dollars.

  3. i was layed off where i was working because i was trans to but i cant prove that because it was allmost 4 years ago it was an auto part’s store called VIP in gorham nh but the ofice in lewestion maine been out sence then wish i could take them to court

  4. Good stance Jessi Dye dear and good work yours as well, Lexi Cannes …
    Makes us proud of each of you with your reporting and defense of our rights. as transgender human beings.
    Cynthia Peerella,

  5. I think that Jessi could have taken the proper and appropriate steps to securing their official documentation and not continue to carry male ids. Jessi, now 28, has been transitioning since Jessi was 21. I find it absolutely unacceptable that if you want to present as female and get a job, you should do so legally and correctly. Jessi is no hero and I find it appalling that SPLC would have been on the winning side of this case. Trans is hitting a breaking point in America and cases like Jessi’s are not helping the general public be more more supportive.

    Please tell me what an 85 year old elderly woman is supposed to do? Do any of you think that it is appropriate for a person who can’t even be responsible to update their identification as a male, be allowed to help this woman shower? What about the rights of the elderly at this point to be properly cared for by someone of the same exact biological gender?

    • Here’s what the 85-year old can do — request who they want to bathe them. That’s how the system works. Many usually pick who cares the most, male or female.

      As for your other stuff, we’ve heard it all before — views held by very few people in the trans community.

    • You obvious don’t realize how difficult it can be to change gender markers in most states esp southern states. Not easy and in some states not at all. So do some research before judging someone that you don’t know. Show some humanity.

      • Lynnacummings, I don’t know for sure if Alabama is a “Right-to-Work” state, if they are then Jessi Dye had no way to fight her dismissal other than through legal means. Even then the outcome is usually in the former employers favor. I know this is the truth as I live in a “Right-to-Work” state, Florida, and here someone can be fired for sneezing in the wrong direction. Three cheers to Jessi Dye for taking on her former employer.


  7. That thing is disgusting. Sad self loathing drove her/him to this

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