Religious extremist uses transphobic hatemongering to rake in dollars

michael l brown transphobiaLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — We’ve seen this image before — a caricature of trans woman, bald with a mustache, standing over a toilet urinating in a women’s bathroom with a terrified mom holding an equally terrified daughter. These tactics are used by the lowest of the low. But this time, it found on the Facebook page of Dr. Michael L. Brown – a noted writer and lecturer on religious matters. Brown has a PhD from New York University and is an adjunct professor at a number of religious institutes.

Most importantly though, he’s a transphobe. A hatemonger spreading misery, triggering depression and suicides among us in his wake. The lowest of the low.

A quick look into Brown’s background reveals he makes a living with this muckraking. He supposedly has 20 books out, with the latest titled “Outlasting the Gay Revolution” — plastered all over his Facebook page titled “Ask Dr. Brown”. He also hosts a religious TV program that supposedly reach millions as well as a daily radio program. After posting the hatemongering image, it has since generated 4k+ shares, 4k+ likes and over 250 comments as of this writing — mostly a vile trans-hate frenzy — generating bucks for those who dabble in professional hate mongering. Yes, Dr. Brown is making cold hard cash off trans misery, depression and suicide.

Dr. Brown, congrats on this dubious honor. You are truly one ugly human being.

t/h Tim Peacock

[Trigger Warning!]

michael l brown transphobiaaskdrbrown transphobia

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  1. I usually repost your articles, Lexie, so just want to say that the only reason Im not doing so with this is that I simply don’t want to give hatemongers like Brown any free publicity. Please keep posting your articles – always worth reading.

  2. I assume the person who created the caricature was never in a women’s public restroom. Or didn’t even bother to research (Google, ask, etc.) to find out how they usually look like.

  3. I have seen in the past that what people most fight against, is what they are closest to. Time and time again I’ve seen people screaming and fighting against L.G.B.T. equality, only to come out as gay themselves. Funny thing is that once they stop denying their feelings, they usually become some of the greatest advocates and loudest voices for equality. Dr. Michael L. Brown needs to stop hiding and denying his feelings, he’ll be so much better for doing that.

  4. All those years of education, and look what it produced! Sad. All we can do, is go out into the world, and show everybody that we are just normal, well adjusted people, and that we are only trying to live our lives, as are they.

  5. Is Brown’s degree in a real academic subject or is it in nonsense like theology?

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