DNA nabs murderer of Los Angeles-area trans woman killed in 1990

richard reil kathy foster transLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Trans woman Kathy Foster was found dead in a field in Ontario, California on March 22, 1990. She was shot 3 times and her body dumped at the site where she was found. Witnesses were interviewed, but the case eventually went cold. No one claimed her body and officials buried her in the San Bernardino county cemetery.

Fast forward to 2012. Ontario police sent cold case DNA evidence to a database and got a hit. Richard Reil, a man already in custody in another county awaiting trial for different murder in 2009. Detectives Robert Marquez and Bill Russell went back to the 1990 files and built up the case. Prosecutors from Orange county urged that the 1990 case against Reil be combined with his 2009 case so they can argue he committed multiple murders — a harsher outcome if convicted.

Last May, the Orange County Prosecutor charged Reil with the murder of Kathy Foster. Reid’s arrangement is scheduled for September 18 on the Foster case. Reil remains in the Orange County jail where he has apparently been held since 2009.


Thumbs up to the police work by the Ontario, CA police — there were no family members urging them to solve a 20-year old murder — they did this on their own.

I wrote earlier about another Los Angeles-area murder solved by DNA: https://lexiecannes.com/2014/12/23/suspect-in-1989-california-transgender-murder-tripped-up-by-dna/

Ontario: [TRIGGER WARNING!] http://www.dailybulletin.com/general-news/20150822/dna-links-suspect-to-1990-homicide-of-transvestite-prostitute

richard reil kathy foster trans

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  1. One reason that general society should be concerned about someone like this is that he has a history of violence and although the focus is about Kathy Foster, it should beof concern to everyone. This man can kill a genetic female just as easy as a transgender woman or even a genetic man! Make no mistake about it, if found guilty, this man should spend the rest of his life in prison where other prisoneers have their own sense of justice and don’t like another con who has abused a woman. That to me would be a far more painful penalty to someone like that then to simply put to death peacefully, unlike the death that he provided for Kathy Fostee and other victims of his hands.

  2. Agree. Life in prison. Cheaper for society, too.

    • Putting her murderer behind bars and forgotten by society is a greater price topayfor his crime then a not so swift execution were he can ststill get the attention of the press, which is exactly what they want.

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