Transgender massacre continues — next stop: Kansas City

tamara dominguezLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Trans woman murdered? Yup. Misgendered? Yup. Deadname used? Yup. TWOC? Hispanic. Pronounced dead upon arrival at a hospital? Yup.

It’s boiler plate text these days. Just enter the city — Kansas City, Missouri — and the victim’s name — Tamara Dominguez  — and you’ll have another news report about the massacre of trans women in our society.

Local police are saying that on August 15, 2015, Dominguez was hit by an SUV and as she was laying on the pavement, the vehicle ran over her at least two more times.  Police arriving at the scene found her unresponsive.

There are no additional details as of Oct. 27, 2015.


t/h Mika Ellen Orzech

Two days ago I wrote about 3 trans deaths:

Kansas City:

tamara dominguez

lexiecannes150xWatch LEXIE CANNES right now: Or get the DVD:   

Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post:

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  1. Why are we not all screaming about this? If we remain quiet, this will continue and even get worse. Enough is enough, we don’t want or need any more martyrs. Write, call, make appointments with your local, state, and federal representatives, tell them that this war against the transgender community MUST STOP!

  2. Lexi,

    Thank you for keeping up your reporting on transgendered news around the world. It is a lot of work and greatly appreciated by me and certainly many others as well. I grant a lot of the news is shocking and cries for outrage on the part of all citizens. I know that violence is usually reserved for persons younger or a different ethnicity or language than me. However, as a gender non-conforming youth I got a lot of bullying as well as job discrimination. Then there were/are all the little harassments. (Many but not all older MTF Caucasian folk not only have skin color on their side, but money and/or they are still not out.)

    I agree with Jenna’s post: why so much silence? Is it always fear of attack? Or social pressure? One writer in a recent local LGBTQ publication in Albany, stated that it may be cumulative violence that eventually shakes up politicians enough to pass (in New York State) the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act. I hope not: why do many governments wait until the body count rises to some undetermined number in order to act?

    Then again, there are endless images in our mass culture that portray the evil transgender cross dresser or transsexual as evil, psychopathic, ill, or somehow loathsome. In a single day, I saw two examples, the first in an episode of “Criminal Minds,” the second on “Law and Order: Criminal Intent.” Both episodes are rerun along with many others TV and movie images, amplifying and reinforcing stigma. Objective reporting, let alone positive images, are still scarce relative to the barrage of negative images. There is some change there but it is slow. Fortunately we at least have the Internet.

  3. Thanks for your comments and thoughts Jenna and Kira!


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