Sobering video shows impact of mob behavior against trans people

morocco mob trans violenceLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — A trans woman subject of a violent mob attack in Morocco barely escaped being added to the TDOR-2015 list when she found refuge at the last moment with a police officer who appeared to be in the area by happenstance.

A video of the attack showed the woman being violently beaten by approximately a dozen attackers with perhaps a couple dozen other people looking on.

Even more sordid testimony of our supposed civilized society manifested itself with the large number of people who choose to record video, than step in and perhaps save a life. There were several instances where the trans woman’s life could have ended right there and then — a hard foot stomp on the head while one’s head is on the pavement is never a good thing.

While Morocco is an area of heightened risk for trans people, mob behavior can happen everywhere, including in the United States.

The video is a sobering reminder to take steps to be safe. There are plenty of names observed on TDOR who were victims of mob violence.

t/h Gay Star News

[Trigger Warning!]

morocco mob trans violence

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  1. I constantly advise the young ladies I work with to always be wary when in public. Especially if they don’t look convincingly female. And let’s face it, very few do when in transition. This story could just as easily been in many U.S. Cities.

  2. I keep saying it, please don’t get tired of hearing it, but; “we will only achieve true freedom when every transgender person can leave their house without the fear of verbal attacks, objects being thrown at us, or the worry of being beaten or killed for being who we are.” We must join together as a cohesive unit and show the world that we’re the same as everyone else and not all; psycho’s out to murder everyone like the movies show us, cabaret performers in drag like RuPaul’s Drag Race shows, or cartoon characters like Flip Wilson’s ‘Geraldine’, or Milton Beryl’s ‘Carmen’. We must distance ourselves from those stereotypes or we won’t be able to move forward toward true equality. To all my transgender sisters and brothers out there. Go to the T.D.O.R. events, show your support for those who’ve lost their lives for being transgender. God forbid anyone else’s name is added to the list of martyrs we have now. Call and write to your local, state, and federal government officials about transgender pro-equality laws, and about adding to the anti-bullying laws to include the transgender community, or enforcing the anti-bullying laws already in place. Above all. educate those who respectfully ask questions, join your local P-flag or Pride groups, and seek help from the law enforcement officials when you’re assaulted no matter how small the attack. To all my sisters and brothers out there, in this holiday celebrating the independence of the American Colonies from England, lets celebrate our own freedom and independence in safety.

    • I quite agree, Jenna. We are seen as one or more of the Four Stereotypes: hooker, psycho, clown, and ultimately victims. That’s the way we’re portrayed by the media. With all due respect for her courage in becoming a moving target for every conservative on this planet, Caitlyn Jenner’s transition didn’t do us much good because now SHE’S the “acceptable” standard we’ll all be judged by and it’s just too damned expensive for 99% of us.

      We must smash those four stereotypes; smash them into dust. We’re signified in the media by men who see us as one or more of those four false images. Those men are in the production facilities and editing booths of countless media outlets; local and national. These are the men who stereotype us because they believe that’s what their advertising clients and audiences want to see. They will not change until we break through those closed doors and force them to confront us as human beings and real people.

      Educate respectfully, yes, but do not fail to call out the media machines for their bigotry. Confront them! On the internet, via snail mail, even demonstrations in front of their offices. (We could start with Fox. That would keep us busy for a while!) Educate them respectfully, but do not fail to point out that when they stereotype even ONE of us as a hooker, a psycho, a clown (a drag queen or a “pathetic” non-passable trans woman) or another dead victim (such as on “CSI” or “Law and Order” or any police procedural that uses a dead trans woman as a reference) then they are stereotyping ALL of us and it’s slanderous and bigoted.

      We are none of those four stereotypes. It’s time to prove it.

      • That’s a pretty extreme position. It’s not slander in any case because those stereotypes are sometimes the case. The problem is balance.

  3. Be careful with this advice. It is not always wise to call the police, they are often the worst of all.

    I agree with the rest but it will be several generations before we have this kind of equality. I won’t live to see it.

    • Oh Amber, how I know about the local police and them not doing anything. I’ve had to deal with them 3 times and each time I was the one treated like the criminal rather than the victim. On the flip side though, a person can’t really take the law into their own hands, the cops really do frown on that.

      • Oh my, I’m not suggesting to take any action personally. Just that it is often better and safer to do nothing at all. Where I live it would be life dangerous if people, especially the police new my history.

        So far as the TDOR is concerned, I only went once. It was too much for me. Of all the people I knew from my youth I am the only one left. The rest are gone.

        I support your activist position, but from the sidelines. I did testify before the senate in my country regarding a trans rights bill. It was a closed session and a truly horrible experience. But they wanted survivors of the CAMH reparative therapy program and I’m the only one they could find.

      • Oh my, you watch that too! I love John Oliver and his segment on transgender people was spot on with a great deal of ironic humor. It was one of the best and most straightforward reports I have ever seen. Plus he got to drink bud light lime:)

  4. Hi Lexie! It’s Remi(from FB, but not on it anymore but would like to get back in touch with you for this specific reason) I have a link I want to share but I can’t email you or contact you because I’m not on any social media anymore. Only made this account so I could try to get this to you. It’s something good and I hope you share it. If there’s some way we can reconnect I’d like that but I don’t know how to reach the admin of the site, no such option. Anyway here is the video

  5. What can you expect in a MUSLIM COUNTRY??
    Cyn (;o(

    • Those who strictly observe the Koran have no legitimate complaint with people who transition. That is why in Iran, the state pays for GRS. The Koran strictly forbids homosexuality and lesbianism but makes no mention of transsexualism. So, it is not forbidden. These people are not observant Muslims.

  6. Ignorance is the bearer of so much pain in the world. We all deserve to be who we are supposed to be and America is so full of ignorance about gender, gay and so much else. Not the America I served to keep free.

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