Photos and commentary on Portland Trans March 2015: Full evidence the gender binarism concept is broken

portland pdx trans march 2015 03LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Participation hit 2,000 people in the Portland, Oregon Trans March this year according to local media. What stuck me was the difference from 8 or so years ago when a loosely organized transgender march was just a small part of a Dyke Parade — maybe 4 or 5 dozen trans people marching, mostly trans women. I remember that day fondly though, helping carry the Q Center banner, surrounded by trans allies who were most welcoming! (You know who you are, thank you!)

Fast forward 8 years the difference is striking. Thousands. Families and kids. Trans men. Mostly though, full evidence of a completely broken concept: gender binarism. There was an almost absolute cross representation of every possible classification under the trans umbrella — and on this day this was the last thing on their minds. It ought soon be the same for those in the rest of society. We’ve made quite a bit of headway from a mere 8 years ago.

My thanks to the Portlanders who were willing to stop and pose for me — it makes for much more compelling photos than the standard parade fare! Enjoy!


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portland pdx trans march 2015 01portland pdx trans march 2015 02portland pdx trans march 2015 04portland pdx trans march 2015 10Click on any of these for larger size:


portland pdx trans march 2015 05

portland pdx trans march 2015 06

portland pdx trans march 2015 07

portland pdx trans march 2015 08

portland pdx trans march 2015 09

portland pdx trans march 2015 11


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  2. Thank you for sharing these great photos! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! 🙂

  3. Looks awesome! Glad you all had fun.

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