Caitlyn Jenner takes trans community to the top of pop culture

caitlyn jenner transgenderLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Caitlyn Jenner? Vanity Fair? Annie Leibovitz? Mind-blowing photos? Is this a dream or have trans people finally arrived?

In a way, we have. Thanks to Caitlyn Jenner, all things transgender is on the tip of everyone’s tongue in mainstream society.  And she has already done us a HUGE FAVOR, and if she stumbles, as some of us fear, we’re still be miles ahead in the PR game. The widespread public attention she’s brought to the trans community is something we couldn’t possibly buy.

Lest you think I’m gushing about Caitlyn, think again. I don’t care for the reality and tabloid based entertainment Caitlyn chooses to participate in, nor do I think it is worthy of praise. But the fact of the matter is that a large segment of the population enjoys this kind of entertainment. If Caitlyn can turn some of them into acceptance of the trans community, we all win.

Another factor to consider — tabloids. Tabloids have long mocked and exploited trans people, no doubt to fill a desire demanded by their readers. Indeed, Caitlyn has long been a target of tabloids (sometimes perhaps willingly), but now, following the publication of Caitlyn’s photo shoot in Vanity Fair, mocking won’t come so easy anymore as Caitlyn’s reach into this crowd will turn some of the thinking around — exploitation into education. Sure, some will still blatantly hate, others however, will find it difficult to mock the person in Annie Leibovitz’s photos.

For those of you who argue that there are other more important things than Caitlyn Jenner, I say maybe, but not when the gift horse is standing right here dispensing goodies a few short years we couldn’t dream of getting.

My earlier article on Jenner:

Vanity Fair (subscription required):

caitlyn jenner transgender

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  1. I see it this way: Jenner is drawing fire for us all. IF she can maintain her cool and IF she can continue without losing her mind and either taking her life or de-transitioning, then it’s a huge advantage for all of us. The question is IF. She’s going to endure the equivalent of a tactical nuke a day for the next year or so. We all have it bad, in varying degrees, but she’s going to be under constant siege. Pray for her.

    It’s a good thing she’s wealthy. It does provide quite a bit of armor. Nice pic, I must say. That’s a very flattering hairstyle.

  2. Yes, she does look great. Good luck Caitlyn ! You look gold medal fine !

  3. Good comments everyone, and thanks!


  5. Thank you Caitliin Brenner you are being an angel to a lot of us I know there’s a lot of negative comments but there are lots of positive too. I am an older person and you give me hope

    • I too am an older girl, but afraid to come out….I am 54 and growing breasts and my body fortunately looks very fem naturally. I am bi but act straight out of fear I to live in a secret world with no one to look up to. But now Caitlyn gives me hope…Thanks to all…Looking for friends.


  7. i’m not concerned about caitlyn, i think she will remain strong and i support her 100 per cent


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  2. Laverne Cox: Jenner’s high visibility allows her to reach so many people | LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS

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