Rising star breaks gender stereotypes in the modeling industry

hari nef transLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Regular readers of this space know I’ve come around to appreciate the generous positive publicity transgender models bring to the table. The value of this goodwill is huge — reaching a large part of our society, all the while offsetting some of the destructive damage done by reality entertainment and exploitative media.

While trans models have become commonplace, I find of particular interest are models who can pose either as female or male (or neither) depending on the needs of a client. The key factor here is for some in our society, this upsetting of gender “norms” can be the breakthrough to deeper understanding of all things gender.

For a while Andreja Pejic was the de facto standard-bearer. Previously modelling as Andrej, she never stated whether she was male, female, or transgender for that matter, all the while throwing many people for a loop on gender “norms”. Recently, Andreja announced she had SRS and is a trans woman, but continues to model.

Getting our attention now is a rising star set on breaking gender stereotypes. She is recent Columbia University grad and trans woman Hari Nef. She recently signed with a major modelling agency and she’s also an actor, performance artist and has been noted in model-related publications. I took the time to look through her highly regarded Tumblr account. While sometimes NSFW, her work is cutting edge and entertaining.

While some publications have erroneously credited Hari with plowing new ground (it was Andreja Pejic, perhaps others, who were actually first), they are correct Hari’s the real deal.


My congrats to Hari Nef and high hopes for the positive PR she’ll bring to our community!

My earlier article on Andrej Pelic: https://lexiecannes.com/2012/02/11/trans-boys-girls-andrej-pelic-is-not-telling-good-for-andrej-i-say/

Pelic comes out, has SRS: https://lexiecannes.com/2014/07/24/trans-model-andreja-pejic-has-srs-surgery-now-identifies-as-female/

Hari Nef: http://www.examiner.com/article/transgender-model-and-recent-college-graduate-hari-nef-signed-to-img-models

Tumblr [NSFW]: http://harinef.tumblr.com/

hari nef trans

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  1. Most models look like boys. I think it’s because most modeling agencies are controlled by gay men. see what a woman looks like goto Playboy or Penthouse

  2. one model is based upon the idea that larger social and economic factors control the behavior of individuals, while the other holds that covert cabals secretly manipulate the masses…. the dualisms. Isolationism/Fascim/imperialist

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