Louisiana Girl Scout council cites loophole, bans transgender kids

girl scouts obama transgenderLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — The Girl Scouts national organization, Girl Scouts USA, under pressure from Christian extremists, recently reaffirmed their support of transgender members in a memo posted on the organization’s website.

However, there’s a major loophole: “Inclusion of transgender girls is handled at a council level on a case by case basis, with the welfare and best interests of all members as a top priority.”

This loophole has been quickly exploited by a New Orleans area council, Girl Scouts Louisiana East. Citing “safety” concerns, the group announced they’re keeping intact a no-transgender policy.

The policy as reported by the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

“We recognize that girls benefit most from a program designed specifically for them and delivered in an all-girl setting. We affirm that our council’s programming is for girls only, and has not been designed to meet the specific needs of boys or transgendered youth.”


Never mind the bogus “safety” and “design,” concerns, they just want to keep trans kids out, period. I beginning to think that the Girl Scout’s national organization’s transgender support “reaffirmation” is just a meaningless PR stunt:  “We support trans kids, unless we don’t!”

What they’re asking of us is to believe they’re on our side, all the while allowing open discrimination at will. “Safety” concerns? We’ve heard this all before. Close the loophole!

My earlier article about a trans child and the girl scouts: https://lexiecannes.com/2011/10/26/girl-scouts-troop-leader-says-no-to-trans-child-wanting-to-join/

Memo from national organization:  http://blog.girlscouts.org/2015/05/the-meaning-of-serving-all-girls.html

New Orleans: http://www.nola.com/news/baton-rouge/index.ssf/2015/05/transgender_girl_scouts_louisi.html

girl scouts obama transgender

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  1. Interesting. Their stated concern is always “the safety of the children,” signifying trans girls as predators, yet not ONCE has a trans child ever been charged with or investigated for sexual predation. Why such a concern over something that does not exist? Why so much emphasis on a straw man argument?

    It’s the worst form of debate imaginable, yet they persist: attacking the child, demonizing a youngster. It strikes me that it’s a form of predatory behavior, isn’t it, to attack a child who is blameless, innocent, not guilty of anything at all?

    Isn’t THAT a crime, to attack a child who has done nothing wrong? Isn’t attacking a child, ANY child with cruel words and false accusations the REAL crime?

  2. Yet another attack from the transphobic christian radical ‘wrong’ wing idiocy.

  3. I once lived in the Northshore area of Southeast Louisiana where there are several towns and small cities (Southeastern Louisiana GS Council is there).

    It is a 1960s and 1970s ‘white-flight’ catchment area of New Orleans, and is chock full of the White Privileged suburban-types you would expect. These are the families of New Orleans Doctors, Lawyers and company executives who commute via the 32 mile long Causeway each day into and back from New Orleans. They earn their wealth in the city, and remove it to the suburbs.

    Seemingly, these are are the type that would flee the magnificently diverse and culturally enriched City of New Orleans because, as said at the time, “forced integration.” Actually, it is a breading ground of racism, bigotry and prejudice. I had to leave when I transitioned because of hateful mail I started receiving.

    I cannot imagine a more conservative, PROTESTANT version of “Christian Values” promoting population anywhere in Louisiana. Well, outside of West Monroe in North Louisiana, that is. Subtract the wealth, and you have a Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty enclave – ultra-conservative and radically fundamentalist, and transphobic as hell.

  4. i was born and luckily not raised in lousy-anna and but stupid me went back in my late teen years . so as a intersex and a trans person it was so hard to find any help what so ever . and this girl scout program would help so much these young trans girls but as usually lousy-anny has ne be stuck in the past and stay unprogressive . i know help trans kids daily in seattle WA and i must say this place is like tomorowland compared to the Dirty swamp of the south.

  5. I wonder at their use of the word Programming, sexual and identity discrimination at it’s worst. programming girls to a a certain way, as opposed to helping a person become the best of them self. We are all just individuals needing to find ourselves, needing guidance at times.

  6. The national council should revoke their charter as their rule states “on a case by case basis” and they are not abiding by that. If the National Council does not act then we know where they really stand

  7. Good comments everyone! Thank you!

  8. What they are doing is saying trans people like myself are criminal’s and are sexual predators

    Just an FYI I had trouble getting my sexual drive to work all my life to a point where I give up I felt no sexual drive like the scouT leaders do .. and really I never wanted to my parts were wrong I’d rather chop them off than use them. . Guess what we all don’t want to stick it in every hole we can find like the scout leaders …

    Oh and guess what girls can be trans boys too .. it works both ways

    They r morons I’d say boycott .. because my message to parents is what if it was ur child .. in fact if u have a girl going to this ask them what they think ..

  9. While I agree that this is disgusting and strongly mis-guided of the New Orleans council. I am not willing to throw the national Girl Scouts under the bus. We actually have several trans Girl Scouts here in Colorado. Nationally it is not simply a p.r. Stunt!! Sorry Lexie I think that you have this one wrong. Though I agree it is all about bad p.r. In Louisiana.

  10. First, I am Trans. 2nd, I actually agree with the Girlscouts here. We will not will any points for being overzealous ourselves and forcing people who hate us to let their children be around ours.

    I feel they SHOULD let us in, but that isn’t what this is about. This is about an organization offering certain requirements and certain guidance to its individual components, and leaving others up to the local society. We have been winning so many battles lately, I think we should relax and give society a little time to catch its breath and internalize how things are now.

    Kindness in all things.


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