Michelle Duggar, a transgender-hating hypocrite of the highest order

 LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Although the Josh Duggar molestation drama continues to unfold, enough details have surfaced to show that his mother, Michelle Duggar, knowingly harbored an actual pedophile while at the same time publicly accusing trans women of being “pedophiles, waiting to prey on children in restrooms.”

These unfounded and blatantly false fear tactics perpetrated by Michelle Duggar easily caused greater harm to members of the transgender community than the damage caused by her son’s molesting. Hate-generated rage is one of the major causes of violence to trans people.

Last summer, she accused transgender people of being “pedophiles” and therefore not worthy of human rights. We now know that pedophiles aren’t really a major concern with her. She just simply hates us and she’ll say anything to get others to hate us, too.


Hate monger. Hypocrite. Michelle Duggar is the single worst human being I’ve ever had to write about in this space.

My previous article on Duggar: https://lexiecannes.com/2014/08/19/update-arkansas-robocall-trans-people-are-child-predators/

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  1. All trans people are paedophiles wow what a statement, FACT most child molesters are so called hetero men normally married with children of their own.!!!

  2. She deserves all the crap she’s going through right now. I’m glad TLC canceled that ridiculous “19 and Counting” show. Good riddance to her and her fellow transphobic bigots.

  3. Following her version of logic…Josh Duggar must be a Transgender individual, because only Transgender individuals are pedophiles. I never said she was rational, but that is the statement that comes to mind when one follows her logic to its conclusion.

  4. Is this not the case nearly every time someone is on the “soapbox” condemning the transgender community? The louder they yell the closer they are to what they’re blaming us for. I am actually kind of surprised that it wasn’t her husband or herself that was the molester. What is really appalling for me is the fact that members of the Republican Party have come to Josh Duggar’s defense. Not his victim’s defense, but the molester, the one who caused the pain. If this is not a sign as to how twisted some people in this country are, I really don’t know what is. You must remember to that the ones defending Josh Duggar are the very same people who attack and belittle the transgender community in public statements. Oh how far we have to go as a community for true equality, I doubt that I will see that day.

  5. This self serving bunch of hypocrites even has judges ordering police files destroyed on Duggers behalf.

  6. Does this display of hate coming from the transgender community help or hurt our cause for equality. As much as I speak against the hate coming from the Christian conservative camp, I will also speak against it from the transgender camp. This hatred makes up look just as hypocritical as them.

    Also, by definition, whether psychologically or legally, Josh Duggar is not a pedophile for what he did while he was 16. He was did something terrible and molested younger girls, but the word pedophile would not apply in this case. Sorry.


    • Thanks or your comments. This isn’t a display of hate on my part, it’s holding someone accountable for their actions. She was in complete control of everything that occurred after the molesting. If our response appears hateful to some, whose fault is that?

      The article wasn’t about Josh Duggar. Pedophile or molester, Michelle Duggar knows she’s full of BS.

    • Calling her a hypocrite is not as bad as say…..calling her a pedophile.

  7. “These unfounded and blatantly false fear tactics perpetrated by Michelle Duggar easily caused greater harm to members of the transgender community than the damage caused by her son’s molesting.”
    I am surprised by this ridiculous statement, likely made without much thought. Talk, especially from someone as discounted as a Duggar, about trans people being whatever does far less harm than this guy may have done to his sisters which was not just talk. No one knows the level of harm he has caused these girls. Well I am sure the parents have damaged all of the children in the family.
    Lexie you can do better than this.

    • Don’t make assumptions whether I have thought this through. The fact of the matter is this: The kids molested have access to counselors — either private or at school. Further, Children’s Protective Services can step in, if needed if deemed by counselors. Whether or not the Duggars took advantage of this is out of our hands. The fact is, there ARE options for the kids and God hopes somebody checks on them (that’s you CPS).

      On the other hand, we have trans people, including trans kids, who are traumatized by people like Michelle Duggar. People who hate or conduct violence against trans people have their roots or beginnings triggered by people just like Michelle Duggar. Trans people have difficult access to needed counseling, medical help and guidance. In fact, they often find themselves ALONE after being victimized. The all too frequent next step is thoughts of suicide, then frequently suicide itself. This is all factual and I keep a link to this data on the upper right side of this blog. You can see the data here: https://lexiecannes.com/stats-on-transgender-discrimination-violence-and-suicide/

      Michelle Duggar is a double-faced monster, hence the writing of this article.

  8. Cross post from Facebook:

    t/h Brenda Louise

    “James (Jim Bob) Duggar was an Arkansas State Representative from 1999 to 2002. After that he ran for the U.S. Senate, but lost in the primary.

    In archived screen shots of his campaign site he states, “Rape and incest represent heinous crimes and as such should be treated as capital crimes.”

    Jim Bob’s son has admitted to molesting girls as a teenager, including his own sisters.”


  9. What you fail to recognize is with The Duggars as with all “True” Christians still sin and repent of those sins and are forgiven through the Blood that Jesus shed on the Cross for Us All. “True” Christians have no hate for anyone. Josh along with His Parents(when he was a juvenile) i am sure seeked and received help from God with this and inevitably forgiven for that sin. Once God forgives (as long as the sin doesn’t continue) and the sin/incident is forgotten. Why don’t you speak against “true” pedophiles that destroy girls and boys lives literally everyday. Go after them, make them known in the public eye. Oh that’s right they aren’t “Christian” so that doesn’t concern you Right???????

    • WRONG! These people are “true” Christians. Their Bible even tells them to behave this way and that is what they do, hate. lie, and deceive.
      Why do people think that being Christian is something positive? It isn’t. Christianity is evil.

    • Jonathan, while you’re entitled to your beliefs, enabling as they are, most child molesters, Christian or not, are charged with child molesting. In addition, most child molesters, Christians or not, don’t have parents who go around make false claims of trans people being child molesters.

      For whatever reason, God has seen it fit to give Michelle Duggar a very public spanking.

  10. While I have to agree with your article wholeheartedly, it is only superficial. Why are these people the way they are? For my part, it is obvious. They are “Christians” and likely literal Bible believers, which essentially forces them to behave this way. One’s beliefs enables one’s actions.
    When you believe in a man in the sky that cares about your sex life, you garner getting to a heaven, fear a tortuous hell, and that this god watches you continually, your level of fear is very high which feeds irrationality and illogic. The tenets of the Bible promote an ancient, irrational, hateful, and deceitful concept of life that is completely inapplicable to the modern world.

  11. “Hate monger. Hypocrite. Michelle Duggar is the single worst human being I’ve ever had to write about in this space.”
    To be sure Michelle Duggar has been made in and accurately mimics the behavior of her god. A cruel, hateful horrible monster.

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