Trans woman lands news editor gig at The Advocate

dawn ennis the advocateLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Dawn Ennis, a 30-year veteran of network television news is now the new News Editor at The Advocate. Ennis’ career includes a number of years as the National Desk Assignment Editor for ABC News. She also was a writer/producer for ABC’s Good Morning America, a news producer for NBC’s Today show, a news producer for WCBS-TV and line producer for WABC-TV news. Her many awards includes a shared Emmy nomination.

Ennis started at The Advocate last week and says she’s loving it. She says her job is to “scour the interwebs for news of interest to our LGBT audience, assign the stories and help shape the award-winning coverage you see on, of which I am most proud.”

Ennis may be the first, or one of the first, news employee in a position of editorial authority at a major TV network to transition on the job — and now she’s the first trans editor at The Advocate.

Ennis told Lexie Cannes State of Trans this about journalism and her career: “My daily mission in journalism has never been to be first, but to always be 100% accurate . . . and if I can be right and first, that’s best of all.

I have been fortunate to have enjoyed 30 years in television news, in a career that spanned the biggest news stories of our lifetime. This is a new start in a new and exciting arena that personally means more to me than any other job, because of who I am and my wish to make a difference in the world. I am not brave. I am a survivor, and all I want is to be who I am without reprisal, without fear, and without judgment other than “the content of my character,” as Dr. King said.

What better lesson can I teach my three children, to be whatever and whoever they wish to be? They make me proud, and I live in a way in which I hope they, too, can be proud of me. As my youngest told his friends one day upon meeting the real me: “Yup. She’s my dad.”


This is a big progressive step forward for The Advocate. Not too long ago, many in the trans community viewed the publication as weak in its coverage and representation of the trans community. In recent years, from my own personal observation, they’ve stepped up, notably with the work of Mitch Kellaway, and now with the addition of Dawn as news editor, it’s a big shot in the arm for us.

Dawn Ennis’ blog:

dawn ennis the advocate

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  1. Congrats on the new job. Hope all goes well and looking forward to reading your articles.

  2. Congratulations to Dawn Ennis! News has been her beat for a long time and I am sure that she will do a great job at the Advocate.

  3. Congrats Dawn Ennis! You will do great.


  1. Dawn Ennis – Transgender Archives

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