A week after being hired, trans man was told to wear a dress

Tristan BroussardLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — A week after trans man Tristan Broussard started working for Tower Loan in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the company’s vice president, David Morgan, told him they were drawing a line – comply with the female dress code or quit.

Broussard previously disclosed his trans status to his manager and was assured then he need not worry about it. However, after the meeting with Morgan, Broussard choose to quit. Morgan did tell him that if he had surgeries showing visible results, the company may rehire him.

This was two years ago. This week Broussard filed a lawsuit citing Title VII of the Civil Rights Act — both the Justice Department and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) have recently cited the act to apply to trans discrimination cases.  The EEOC was involved in the Broussard case following his termination, but the Southern Poverty Law Center and National Center for Lesbian Rights are the main parties backing Broussard this time around.

Broussard told Buzzfeed: “It takes one person at a time to step up and say this isn’t right. It doesn’t matter how you’re dressed and presenting yourself — that has nothing to do with your work.”

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Sam Wolfe: “We have a young man who is finally able to get a job — a job that held so much promise for him to have financial security — and the employer turns around and fires him. And we know this type of discrimination is  widespread.”


t/h: Dawn Ennis

In this earlier article I wrote, the SPLC helped another trans man: https://lexiecannes.com/2013/11/18/southern-poverty-law-center-forces-texas-school-district-to-yield-to-transgender-student/

More: http://www.buzzfeed.com/jtes/trans-man-sues-employer-after-being-told-his-gender-identity?

Tristan Broussard

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9 replies

  1. so they want bearded “girls” in tha house, what kind of bussines is it?

  2. What kind of business? Why it’s clear that it’s a monkey business with an ape as an owner.

  3. This breaches new heights of absurdity. I see a young man, I’m not even being kind. No woman I have ever met can or wants to grow a beard like that. Putting aside all issues of law or discrimination, putting him in a dress would look ridiculous. If he has contact with the general public he would just look like a charicature of a male cross dresser.

    He is either on HRT or the most obviously masculine female ever born complete with a cute beard. This flies in the face of common sense

    They just wanted him gone because he is grand using a flimsily veiled excuse. In sny case what company in this day and age has a dress code requiring women to wear dresses!

    I can die peacefully now knowing that I have heard it all.

  4. Gender policing and coercion is gross and wrong. They obviously liked the person enough to hire him, so there’s no excuse other than plain transphobia at work here. Nobody should be forced to wear a dress if they don’t want to -male or female. It isn’t 1950 anymore.

  5. Just tell them to go [deleted] there dress policy it’s stupid anyhow…

  6. This is one of our Louisiana Trans Advocates members (a support group) He is every inch a man. This is way beyond ridiculous. We work so hard to transition and become a part of society and this prejudicial BS blocks our every effort to do so.

  7. I’m even more surprised this comes out of Lake Charles, where I spent a couple of months myself. I was told to wear a dress everywhere I went too.

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