School’s Trans Visibility Day poster yanked after parent causes ruckus on social media

trans poster michigan schoolLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Citing the poster’s lack of “Christian values” and the inappropriateness of it for a school setting, a parent created a ruckus on social media which in turn triggered a Marshall, Michigan school principal into yanking the poster.

This is according to Kate Samra, president of a LGBT advocacy group. She said the principal of her school said he took down the poster because he felt the situation needed to be diffused.

The district’s superintendent, Randy Davis, admitted that complaining parents played a role in the removal of the poster. The students later however, simultaneously celebrated Transgender Visibility Day and protested the removal of the poster.


Superintendent Davis did offer further excuses, but in reality, he just danced around the lack of consideration for the trans perspective while yielding to social media hype.

trans poster michigan school

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3 replies

  1. Just a fine example of a spineless School Administrator, in the face of blatant bigotry.

  2. Maybe people would be a little more accepting if they didn’t feel like it was constantly being shoved down their throats. Not everyone agrees. You have your beliefs, they have theirs. People are not going to easily conform when even their children being bombarded with this nonsense on a daily basis.

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