New research study: Significant positive impact for transgender youth who affirm gender early

trans transgender kids youthLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — In this space over the past few years, I’ve reported on a number of research studies on transgender youth and virtually all of them have the same findings — trans kids who are allowed to affirm their gender early and began steps towards transition, have significantly better mental health and well being.

The latest study, led by Dr. Maja Marinkovic, comes from Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, California.  Out of 42 patients, all but 2 showed positive results after starting puberty blockers around an average of age 12 then hormone therapy just after an average age of 16. None of the patients dropped out or expressed regret starting therapy.

Marinkovic says families and school staff ought not wait until a child shows signs of depression before being assessed for gender dysphoria — earlier affirmation will offset mental health deterioration.


For those of you that wonder of the need for continued studies and reporting on them: What may seem obvious to us, may not be so for parents, school officials, administrators and legislators. In addition, detractors can cough up fake claims and studies to cloud the issue. The exact same findings by a number of different reputable academic researchers is the best possible evidence to have. This appears to be the case here — independent studies all saying the same thing. Nearly impossible for anyone to debunk.

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trans transgender kids youth

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  1. Well, this was always the basis of the Grand Plan: to raise a couple generations of trans kids relatively free of imposed social constructs, gather detailed data and PROVE that freedom of gender expression was not only beneficial but absolutely necessary for improved health and emotional stability. The debate was always about the data because that was always incomplete, biased, or just plain unavailable. It’s no surprise that opponents are still (always) trying to fudge the data because that (and the God mandate) has been their only means to maintain the barriers of the gender binary. (One has to wonder about those opponents’ emotional stability but I digress)

    The data from the US is beginning to approach reliable statistical universe levels, so what might be indicated next would be a meta-study: a compilation of data from the US, the British Commonwealth (UK, Canada, Australia) and any other industrialized country with gender variant/transgender programs. South America and Southeast Asia (Thailand, etc) present some intriguing possibilities, given that it’s practically an industry in those regions.

    (We have to be objective about this, whether or not we might feel icky about commercialized sex. It’s still data and if we can obtain psychological/medical indices from that sector, it must be scientifically studied. I don’t particularly like it, but on the other hand, I didn’t like dissecting kitties for my college anatomy class either)

    The facts are what must decide this debate and with it, the identity of the human species. The bi-polarity is being seriously, scientifically challenged and a lot of people are scared silly of that. They’re going to fight dirty to keep the status quo. We must keep acquiring the data and remain steadfast in presenting it.

    Don’t forget: this is about the children, the only thing that matters. If we are to give them a fighting chance to survive in this increasingly unstable world, we must allow them to find their own stability within themselves.

  2. Not all trans people identify as the opposite sex from a very young age. But for those who do I’m mystified at the objection to delaying the onset of puberty. The benefits are obvious and absent any negative health effects we have what amounts to a cure. I was not an unhappy child but I was a miserable teenager. Once that damage is done it is often permanent, it was for me and the rest of your life is impacted in a negative way.

    I hope this becomes standard practice quickly but I suspect parents will continue to exercise the right to destroy children’s lives for a long time yet.

  3. Our child expressed by age six that she was female. She transitioned by age nine and has never been happier. The school has been very supportive. Her classmates have been understanding. The medical system here in Toronto is amazing and The Hospital for Sick Kids has a Transgender Clinic. We have great hope for a happy life for her.


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